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    Thought I could learn, and just have discussions with others.

    I like both grilling and smoking, but, I don't have a smoker. I do have a pretty good smoke box my Wife got me a few years ago, so that helps. I just about always put hickory twigs in it, as we have a hickory tree in the back yard.
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    My home made BIG solar grill.

    Pretty neat. Problem I wonder is, what is the flavor with no smoke?
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    Help with hook-up please

    I think that someone that knows pipe and tube fittings could help you. If you have a good, local hardware store, they should be able to help.
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    Thought I could learn, and just have discussions with others.

    I've been grilling for about 65 years now. Dad did it, Grandpa did it, so it comes as a natural to me. I recently saw Steven Raichlen’s program on creat, tv and really liked what he was doing. Enough that I bought his book, Project Fire, So, I've decided to join some grilling/BBQ forums and...
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    Arе burgеrs bеttеr оn аn оutsidе grill thаn in а skillеt?

    I think grilled just tastes better, although, jalapend_jane makes a good point.
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    why dо pеоplе сооk fооd еvеn if thеy dоn't hаvе fаmily?

    After I lost my Wife, cooking and sitting down to a nice meal (with the dog) really helped me. As others have said, you can eat healthier, better tasting food than eating out or ordering in.