4627873264_0dbf0c9aca_mIf creating delicious foods from nothing more than your own innovative point of view finds you taunted by spice trays, unusual meat selections and surprise ingredients buried deep within your cupboard, you have come to the right place for making your own burgers from scratch.

Of course, if you aren’t one of those creative types, this is the perfect place to take a little information a long way with some pretty doable burger from scratch ideas. Depending on taste preferences, opinion-worthy, mouthwatering burgers from scratch are only an ingredient or few away. Remember, one man’s burger extravaganza is another man’s burger bust and vice versa. Every ingredient counts as a positive in this “everybody wins” burger-building game. One thing is for sure – every burger should be grill-worthy for the ultimate best-burger claim.

Juicy, Meaty Madness

Here, in this literary meat department we will keep it basic for those who appreciate an easy plunge into the world of burgers from scratch – beginning with making the juiciest burgers.

There is no question the best burgers are the juiciest burgers. Is there anything better than tasting that rich, sloppy succulence of a juicy, grilled burger? We don’t think so. Such deliciousness comes from the highly revered combination of grillin’, chillin’ and good old-fashioned meat fat goodness.

When using ground beef, look for a lean-to-fat ratio of at least 80/20. This helps ensure moister, tastier burgers. If other meats such as ground chicken or turkey are used, mix in a pound-per-pound ratio of ground pork to give that needed kick of fat and added flavor. Trust us on this one.

Ground pork is an excellent burger choice alone or when added to other meats for a flavorful burger outcome. There are also spices and heat levels in all kinds ground meats available in today’s meat markets. These are delicious; but can include added and perhaps unwanted sodium. It is just as legal and even more tastefully lethal to rely on plain ground meats, adding your own spices and flavorings for personalized tastes and healthier choices.

Grade A++ “Secret” Ingredients

What else goes into a burger from scratch other than meat? Well, for some who enjoy laughing under their breath – nothing. For others who really get the whole idea of “scratch” ingredients the secret is in the willingness to explore and expect the unexpected.

If some involuntary force (seemingly alien) oddly enough has you thinking about blueberries in your burgers, don’t be alarmed. As fruity as it sounds, blueberries are actually an excellent ingredient used to enhance a burger’s flavor, nutritional levels and other fancy-schmancy statistics most people don’t think about putting into a juicy burger made from scratch. The ladies love this one. It’s just in a woman’s genes to love a healthy burger as long as it has the manly flavor we all crave.

If blueberries aren’t enough to satisfy the adventurous side of the scratch burger making experience, there is always room to belly up to the cheese bar. That’s right. Cheese and burgers go hand-in-hand like ice cream and cake or apple pie and Chevrolet. But save these for later. We have burgers from scratch to create.

Some of the best cheeses to add for flavor, sustenance and creaminess can begin with a simple 2″ x 2″ cube of tasty Velveeta planted and wrapped right in the center of your raw burger patty. Try a scrumptious cream cheese, sharp cheddar cheese and chive combo. Stuff the burger full for an amazing grilled bite that will fill your mouth with heavenly, cheesy goodness which simply can’t be wrong in anyone’s burger from scratch book.

Whether hearty BBQ burgers from scratch means all meat or extra-interesting plus meat, there isn’t any reason a deliciously superior burger can’t be created. Stick with basic instincts and then open new flavor flood gates. The only thing taste buds can do is celebrate.

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