With the summer season in full-swing, backyard and deck parties are expected. A staple of any get-together is a good BBQ. The aroma of the cooking barbecue sends everyone’s senses on overdrive. It becomes the place to socialize and catch-up. After the party is over, you might be left with more barbecue than you know what to do with. While leftovers can be a great way to limit the amount of cooking that you do in the week, they don’t always taste as good. This article will tell you how to freeze and reheat your barbecue to help it retain its delicious and mouth-watering flavor.


There are a few ways to freeze your BBQ. Some are better than others. Depending on your budget and patience, you may find certain methods better suited for you than others. The standard method for freezing your barbecue leftovers is to simply place them on a plate and cover them up with either tin foil or cling wrap. While this is an affordable option, it doesn’t always do much for preserving its fresh flavor.

Instead, you might want to think about vacuum sealing the meat. There are a ton of different vacuum sealable bags that you can find around. Choose the one that is big enough for the amount that you need. Then simply place the meat inside and seal it up. By vacuum sealing the bag, you help take out the air that can make the meat lose its freshness. It also lets you store the barbecue for two to three years when placed in a freezer.

Finally, you should also consider placing the meat in small containers. This will help the meat to cool more quickly and preserve itself faster. If they’re left in a large container, then it will take time for the meat to fully freeze. It may not remain as fresh as a result.

For those who don’t have vacuum sealed bags but still want to get the air out of their bag, you can perform the following procedure. Place your meat inside of a Ziplock bag an add in some sauce. You can also add broth or stock if you’re out of the sauce. Then lower the bag into a pot of cold water slowly. The cold water will help to displace the air that resides within the bag. Once it looks like the air is gone, you can close the bag. Make sure you take time with it. The goal is to get as much air out of the bag as you can to ensure the meat’s flavor and freshness.


The next vital part of enjoying your barbecue leftovers is the reheating process. Like freezing, there are different methods for reheating the meat well. One of the first ways you might want to consider is using an indoor oven. First, you should paint the meat with a new barbecue sauce. Then wrap the meat in two layers of tin foil. About a 1/4 cup of water should be poured within the foil and around the meat to keep it from drying out. For those who don’t want to use sauce, then you should paint broth or stock onto the meat. White wine also works well. The meat should be thawed by the time you put it into the oven. Cook it at 225 degrees Farenheight. Check the meat regularly with a thermometer. You want the center to be 155 degrees Farenheight.

Another method for reheating is putting it back on the grill. Again, you should paint the meat with your preferred barbecue sauce. The grill should be heated to 225 degrees Farenheight, and you should keep the lid closed. The meat should be wrapped in tin foil and cooked until its center is 155 degrees Farenheight. Then place the meat directly on the grill in the hot zone for 5 minutes.

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