Turkey on Natural Gas GrillThere is nothing wrong with throwing a turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving or any other occasion where you choose to cook a turkey. In fact, nearly all turkeys are cooked in an oven over any other method. For a nice change, you should try cooking a turkey on a grill instead of an oven. Whether you want to impress your Thanksgiving guests or just enjoy a nice meal, grilling a turkey will provide you with an outstanding tasting bird. This article is going to teach you how to cook a turkey on a natural gas grill.

One thing that’s great about using a gas grill to cook a turkey instead of using an oven is that it frees up your oven. If you are preparing a big dinner, you may have to wait hours to cook your turkey if you are using your oven for other things or vice versa. This way, you can cook your entire meal at the same time by utilizing both your grill and oven.

Before you even buy your turkey, you need to check out the size of your grill. For best results, you want to be able to close the lid of your grill without having it damage the shape of your turkey. This will allow for the quickest cooking time of your bird.

If you have a small grill or just need to cook a rather large bird, you can still grill your turkey without closing the lid on your grill. To do this, you will have to find an object that can be used to safely prop up your grill’s lid. Once your grill is propped, put the turkey directly on the grill rack. Use a large amount of aluminum foil to close the opening of the grill. The better job you do at closing this opening, the faster your turkey will cook.

The preparation for a grilled turkey is the same as for a turkey that you are going to cook in an oven. Stuff it any way you would like to and then it is ready to go on the grill.

When you put your turkey on the grill, put it on a burner that you have turned off. Turn all other burners that are around the turkey on. A turkey isn’t like a hamburger that you can just flip. Cooking it through this method lets the bird cook from indirect heat. If you leave the burner on that is under the turkey, part of your turkey will get cooked much faster than the rest of it. Then you will either have to take the turkey off before it is fully cooked, which is not safe, or continue to cook the turkey and part of it will be burnt.

To give your turkey the best taste, you will want to use wood chips while you grill it. The day before you are planning to grill a turkey, soak enough wood chips to fill a grill safe tray in water. Put the chips on the tray and the the tray on your grill on top of a lit burner when you start to cook your turkey. The smoke from the chips will help flavor the turkey.

How hot to set your burners depends on if your grill is closed or not. The more air that is getting into your grill, the hotter you should set your burners at. Every 45 minutes or so, you want to rotate your turkey to ensure that it cooks evenly. It will take a few hours to cook your turkey. Once it has a golden-brown color and the inside of your turkey has reached a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, your turkey should be taken off the grill to cool. Once cooled, your turkey is now ready to be eaten!

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