grilled corn huskAnyone who has ever tasted corn on the cob grilled in its own husks knows that there is no other way to cook the corn on the cob. So if the husk makes for a good wrap for the corn, it makes perfectly good sense that other foods can be wrapped and grilled in them as well. Corn husks are readily available in the summer months and are easier to work with when compared to other methods of making grilling packets.

Choosing the husk

The best choice in corn husks is using the husks of freshly husked corn. After husking the corn, remove all the silk and wash the husks. If you do not have fresh husks but some dried ones instead, they are perfectly fine to use on the grill. They do not need to be immersed in water to use. If the husks are brittle, they too can be used. However before use, they need to be placed in hot water. This will allow the husks to become pliable and therefore easier to wrap around the food.

Wrapping the food

If you are great at wrapping presents, than this step will not be a problem. However if you struggle to wrap all those holiday presents, than this step may take some practice. Though once you succeed at wrapping the food, it will make for an amazing table presentation and your family will be impressed. The trick to wrapping food is to make sure that all the food is tucked into the husks. The easiest way to do this is to put a layer of husks down on the table. Make sure that the layers overlap to keep them from coming apart. Next place the food on top of the layered corn husks. Next bring the top and bottom of the husks over the food. Start with the top layer and work down to the bottom layer. Repeat with the sides until the food is tucked inside and you are left with a little package. There are two ways to tie the package. One way is to use kitchen twine to tie everything together. If you want your package to make look extra special, cut some strips of corn husks and use them to tie everything together. No matter how you tie the package, make sure that it is tight enough to keep the layers together.

To the grill

Once your husk packages are prepared, it is time to put them on the grill. These packages are very easy to grill and do not require much attention. Grill the packages over medium heat. Flip the packages to keep them from burning. Keep in mind that the husks will not be consumed so charring them is perfectly exceptable. It is in the charring of the husks that will give the food inside a pleasant smoky flavor.

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