Portable Barbeque Grills: The Healthy Way to Prepare Meals at Home and on the Road

Modern man has finally discovered what indigenous cultures around the world have known and practiced for centuries. Cooking food in their own juices not only enhances the natural flavor of vegetables and meats it’s the healthiest way to eat. There’s a charcoal or gas grill in the garage or backyard of almost every home in the suburbs and a compact BBQ sits on the terraces and balconies of city dwellers in almost every country. People usually have a regular or a portable grill handy for a weekend cookout or to prepare a meal after a tedious day at work.

Time does play tricks on everyone in this 21st century lifestyle so grilling can be an issue during the week. Work as well as school schedules take a large chunk of our waking hours. Eating becomes a necessary chore rather than enjoyable act of culinary achievement. The modern day compact grill is often an afterthought and it’s hardly used until spring begins to bloom with the fresh colors of new birth.

Spring and summer bring out the best in us especially when it comes to preparing and eating meals on the grill. Our society has become a mobile culture that recognizes and appreciates the beauty that surrounds us so travelling to a beach resort or to a national park over a long weekend is a quest we all want to achieve. Camping and using an RV on a yearly vacation would not be as much fun if the portable barbeque grill didn’t accompany us on the trip. Getting out and experiencing the beauty of nature and eating healthy is new-age living at its best. The portable barbeque grill does its part to keep us healthy when we use it.

There are several reasons to buy a compact barbeque grill in this busy world of cell phones and computers, but the most important reasons to own one are its simplicity and the convenience of using it almost anywhere.

Compact BBQ Grills Come in all Sizes and Shapes

The age-old debate about charcoal instead of gas is still raging in some outdoor grilling circles. The fuel used to cook food does impact the flavor of the meal so compact BBQ grills are made to satisfy the most discerning grill aficionados. Gas as well as charcoal models are available in compact sizes so the choice is more about the mess rather than the flavor in most cases. Gas is cleaner, but some of the flavor is lost; charcoal is messier, but the flavor is certainly robust.

Another debate that hovers over reasons to buy a portable compact grill is the cost. Charcoal models cost less than gas models. The standard compact charcoal grill with no frills is clam shaped with a grill inside and a small stand, but other compact models have a firmer base and wheels, plus some are made using stainless steel instead of metal.

A compact gas grill is great for tailgate parties and it can be used in other places where charcoal is not option. Compact gas models are faster and cleaner especially when you’re in a RV camping area where there are certain restrictions.

The compact grill is a travelling companion that will pay for itself over and over again. The ability to prepare a gourmet meal on a beach, on a boat, or in the middle of the woods is a modern day luxury that can’t be measured in dollars. The portable grill can only be measured in enjoyment, appreciation, and new-age common sense. Let’s face it eating BBQ in a snow storm in a tent at a base camp at the foot of a ice covered mountain may not sound like a good time to some of us, but there are others that live for the opportunity to use their compact grill for that thrilling adventure.

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