Infrared Grill Technology For the BBQ Enthusiasts

The Old Days Of Messy Grills and Flavorless Foods Are Quickly Disappearing

The desire to do some outdoor grilling seems to be innately stored in our genes regardless of our ethnic background or social status. There’s nothing better than a grilled steak for meat lovers and a seared Tuna steak for fish lovers. Vegetarians crave an outdoor meal of grilled tofu and vegetables seasoned with natural spices and southern barbecue lovers would be lost without their grilled baby-back ribs, pulled pork, and brisket.

The BBQ grilling industry is a four billion dollar industry and new technology continues to increase that dollar figure every year. Over seventeen million outdoor grills are purchased yearly, but charcoal grill sales are decreasing and new infrared grills are taking their place. Infrared grills are really not that new, they have been around for the last thirty five years, but only restaurants and the affluent could afford their sky high prices.

Infrared grills are a by-product of auto industry technology. In the early 1960s Bill Best, the founder of Thermal Electric Company, developed a process to dry the paint on cars faster using infrared gas burners. Best patented the technology and his process saved energy in the industrial heating world. Oven manufacturers started using the technology in Radiant ovens so the restaurant industry benefited from Best’s work as well.

Best discovered the infrared grill by chance one day when he inserted a ceramic infrared grill in his regular gas grill. He discovered that radiant heat applied to a gas grill could cook food with more flavor faster, plus there was less mess due to juice drippings and food separation. Infrared grills get hotter than normal gas or charcoal grills and they cook evenly so most of the excess food particles and juices are vaporized during the cooking process.

BBQ Enthusiasts Have Discovered the Ease of Infrared Grills

The main advantages that an infrared grill has over a regular gas or propane grill is they get hotter faster and cook evenly which means the natural juices stay in the food during the cooking process. BBQ enthusiasts no longer have to watch the food every ten minutes in order to ensure a succulent and flavorful meal. BBQ cooks can even sear steaks and other meats and then add a smoky taste by throwing a few wood chips on the burner.

Infrared grills are doing what the microwave did for indoor cooking; they’re creating a whole new cooking style that is fast, convenient, and the clean-up is easy. The new infrared models produced by companies like Char-Broil and Weber are eliminating the fragile ceramic burners and replacing them with a layer of glass that shields the infrared burners from food drippings which makes cooking BBQ ribs less messy. That’s a big plus for BBQ lovers.

The buzz words used to promote infrared BBQ grills is: “Twice the flavor in half the time” and that’s no bull if BBQ lovers follow a few simple steps to ensure a perfectly cooked meal without creating a mess. The first step in the process is to pre-heat the grill on high for three minutes. Second, sear the food on high for two to three minutes and third, finish the food by turning it every three minutes on a lower heat setting. The next step is to remove the food from the grill and let it stand for a few minutes before it’s cut or sliced. The food continues to cook as it sits so most BBQ experts say wait about four minutes before slicing and serving.

Most BBQ aficionados use long handle thongs and a spatula to handle the food, plus they use a brass or a stainless steel bristled brush for cleaning the grids after cooking. A digital timer also comes in handy. Cooks who want to experience a mess-less down-home style BBQ feast use infrared grills; it’s the modern way to experience and enjoy outdoor meals.

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