Infrared Barbecues Are the Future of Grilling

50 years ago, an invention originally designed to provide automobile makers with a new method of quickly drying paint found new life in commercial food businesses across the United States. This invention was the infrared barbecue. Now, what once was used in steakhouses and big restaurants has found its way into the residential outdoor barbecue market.

For all those wannabe grillers looking for their first barbecue, an infrared barbecue is definitely the way to go with one caveat. For major widespread acceptance to take hold, the price of the infrared barbecue needs to become competitive with that of a gas or charcoal barbecue. Even with a higher price tag, infrared barbecues have many benefits and with the expiration of a key patent recently, prices are expected to drop quite a bit in the near future.

Benefits of an Infrared Barbeque
Cooking time is effectively cut in half.
Infrared barbecues cook at a much higher temperature.
Cooking temperature is reached very quickly.
Much less energy is used to cook.
Infrared barbecues are very easy to use.

The varying temperatures achieved with an infrared barbecue is the reason for the high quality cooking results. While charcoal and gas barbecues maintain a temperature of 700 to 750 degrees, infrared grills cook items at temperatures between 450 and 900 degrees. The higher temperature sears the meat and locks in the flavor and juices unlike conventional gas or charcoal barbecues which has a tendency to dry out the meat. The even heat distribution and elimination of hot and cold spots maximizes the amount of useable grill space.

Doing your research will take a lot of the guesswork out of locating the right size and model of infrared grill. The new models are made from 304 stainless steel instead of ceramic tiles. This is the highest quality material for cooking appliances. What results is a unit with 100% heat transfer and an improved cooking area. Accessories that will add functionality to your barbecue are storage cabinets, electronic ignition and warming areas.

Infrared barbecues are a definite improvement in function and style. It has been proven in the workplace for over 40 years. Some go so far as to say infrared barbecues rescued the barbecue business and it’s a $4 billion a year industry with over 18 million units sold last year. Rob Schwing, a Char-Broil vice president has been quoted as saying “Infrared has done to the grill business what the microwave did to the indoor kitchen. It’s presenting consumers with a whole new way of cooking.”

The numbers show more people are replacing their old gas and charcoal barbecues with an infrared barbecue. I’m sure there are those who will disagree but this cooking appliance is a clean, trouble free improvement in so many areas.

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