How to Choose a BBQ Grill and BBQ Smoker

You will produce delicious food that will delight your guests with either a barbecue grill or a barbecue smoker. Most people who cook in their backyards, do so on a barbecue grill. Grills cook food either with direct or indirect heat. Smokers cook food in an enclosed compartment. Smoke circulates around the food. Smokers cook food over a lower temperature and a longer time than grills. Barbecue lovers have many choices when it comes time to purchase a new grill or smoker. While it may seem that the choices are overwhelming, the choices make more sense when you narrow down how you want to barbecue.

Choosing a bbq grill means deciding whether you want to use electricity, gas or charcoal to heat your grill. There are excellent choices among all three types of grills. For the most part, the choice comes down to personal preference. An electric grill makes the most sense when you cook in smaller areas, such as a patio or small deck. You only need to make sure that you have electricity on hand when you are ready to grill. This is a benefit for people who grill infrequently and may not have gas or charcoal ready to use. Electric grills heat quickly and evenly. Adjusting the temperature is simple and usually takes only turning a dial.

Gas grills typically use tanks of propane to produce a flame. Most people use small tanks of gas and attach them directly to the grill. Users exchange empty tanks for full ones at readily available distributors. Heavy bbq users also have the option of connecting their grills to large propane tanks used for general household needs. This increases the likelihood that you will have enough gas to last you throughout your barbecue session. It is relatively easy to adjust the flame height on a gas grill by adjusting a knob that increases or decreases the amount of gas feeding the flame.

Charcoal grills use heated charcoal to cook food. Cooking over charcoal is not difficult. Many people are attracted to the simplicity of the activity. Others appreciate the nuance involved in using the coals at just the right temperature. Charcoal grills vary in features such as the quality of the outer casing, the depth of the grill, handles, vents, size and the quality of the cooking grate. Most people will be able to find charcoal at their local stores without any problem. Smaller charcoal grills are portable

Barbecue smokers use smoke to add flavor to food. The flavor is based on the type of wood or charcoal that you add to the smoker. As you burn the wood or charcoal, it heats the air in the smoker. The warm air circulates around the food. The air, not a flame, cooks the food. If you use charcoal for your smoker, you will let the charcoal burn until it is very hot. As the coals begin to cool, add wet wood chips to the top of the pile. Wet wood gives off smoke. Choose your wood chips carefully because your food will take on its flavor. Experience is a key factor in determining how long it will take to cook your food to your satisfaction. A smoker with vents will give you more control over the airflow and the temperature in the smoker. You can find smokers in many different sizes that hold varying quantities of food.

Choose the type of bbq grill or bbq smoker based on how you expect to use it. Choose the highest quality items that you can afford. Small conveniences, such as large, easy-to-grasp handles, make a big difference. Try to see, in person, as many different grills and smokers as you can before making your final decision. Touch the controls to see if you are comfortable operating them. Finally, choose a grill or smoker that looks good to you.

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