Gas Grills – Propane Or Natural Gas?

Grilling outdoors is a great way to make great food and enjoy yourself. Choosing the best way to grill is a question many of those new to grilling have. Fortunately, there are only a few things to consider which make the choice that much quicker and easier. The faster you choose between propane and natural gas, the sooner you can get back to grilling.

The decision between propane and gas is based on cost and setup more than the performance of your grill because they work the same. It’s not a question of which tastes better or cooks faster. You have to look into the availability and cost of using each setup. There is only one argument with taste, and that is that natural gas burns cleaner leaving less fuel taste on the food. Of course, this is an opinion based on the individual.

Propane is a fairly easy and quick to set up. You don’t have to wait any longer than it takes to pick up a propane tank at the store. Over 85% of all gas grills are fueled by liquid propane. Depending on your grill, your propane tank will fit underneath the grill or sit next to it. You can buy propane tanks at many stores and get them refilled at several locations. Keeping a spare tank is also a good idea for backup.

The major advantage of natural gas is the cost. A grill uses more natural gas for the same amount of heat, but it costs a lot less, even after the fact that is uses more fuel. The natural gas for a grill comes from your regular fuel line. You use the same natural gas that is used to heat your home and power other appliances. It will cost you money to initially set up the grill to use your home’s gas, but over time, the amount you save by using natural gas instead of propane will offset this cost.

Which should you use? That depends on whether you want to save money or have quick convenience. Do you grill a lot? Some people only use their grill a couple times in the summer. In this case, having propane might be easier. The savings will be minimal if you’re only grilling a couple times a year. On the other hand, if you grill frequently all year round, the savings you get through natural gas can be considerable.

If you’re getting a new grill, this is a perfect time to make the choice between propane and natural gas. Even if you’ve had a great grill for years, you can still switch to natural gas if you want to. You’ll save money and might have slightly better tasting food, too.

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