Cleaning BBQ Grill Parts That Need More Attention

When springtime arrives, many of us are eager to pull out our grills and begin grilling. The last thing you want to see is ugly remains from last season’s grilling adventures. You need to clean your grill for health reasons and to improve the quality of your grilled masterpieces. Below you can learn the best ways to clean your grill and keep it in top working condition.

Before your first grilling of the season, you should inspect your grill for damage, rust or holes. Also make sure the gas lines aren’t pinched or twisted. If you are using a charcoal grill, you should vacuum or sweep pout any debris before doing any liquid cleaning.

You should remove any ashes that may be in your grill. Then wipe down the area that the ashes are held in. You can use water that is warm and soapy to scrub this area down. If the residue is hard to remove, you can consider using an oven degreaser. Another option is to use a mixture of half glass cleaner and half water for the glass surfaces. To prevent the onset of rust, you should dry these surfaces when you are done cleaning them.

For exterior surfaces, you can use common baking soda on a dampened brush. Then scrub the areas and rinse them clean. This works well for exterior areas, such as trays and knobs. Also, this should not scratch your grill’s shiny surfaces. Many people utilize used aluminum foil to clean the racks of their grill. Just form the foil into a ball and lightly rub it up and down the racks. Another way to clean the outer surfaces of your grill can be done while the grill is still warm. You can soak a cloth in cooking oil and rub the outer surfaces.

Steel or other grill brushes are useful tools to clean the cooking racks. You can find these in most department or cooking stores. These brushes have a plastic, metal or wooden handle and a brush that is usually made of coarse wire or steel wool. You use these brushes to scrape off any charred reside or food from the racks. Just be careful if your type of grill has a nonstick finish for the racks. If it does, do not use these types of brushes for they may scratch and damage the nonstick surfaces.

Another method to clean your grill is to steam clean it after you are done grilling. To do this, you can take an old newspaper and soak it in water. Then place the wet paper on the top of the grill rack and close the lid. Let it steam for about 45 minutes to an hour. Then open up the lid and wipe away the grime from the racks. If you do this, be sure not to keep the newspaper on the rack for too long a time or it could dry out and pose a messy problem for you.

The majority of oven cleaners are supposed to be used on the inside oven surfaces. By using these on the outer parts of your grill, you can avoid the unpleasant fumes from these cleaners from getting into the inside of your grill. After you have removed all reside from the rack, you should take out the briquettes and remove any debris and clean the bottom of the grill with a small broom or vacuum cleaner.

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