Choosing your BBQ Grill

So many BBQ grills – Which type is best for you?

You can come across several varieties of BBQ grills in different styles and sizes today. Hence it can be quite confusing to find the best one for you. When it comes to BBQ grills the options are virtually endless. Here are some of the types available.

BBQ grill types

Electric grills are preferred by a small section of people because of their small size and design. These can be selected by those who prefer to grill occasionally. This equipment is also ideal for those residing in an apartment as it can be used to grill on a small balcony. The advantage that comes with the use of this type of grill is that you need not have to worry about gas or charcoal. You just have to plug it in.

Gas grills have become popular in the recent past. In this type of grill, there is no requirement for the use of charcoal and there is even distribution of heat. This type of grill is available in many sizes. You just have to stock up on propane when you use this type of grill.

Charcoal BBQ grills are preferred by many cooking enthusiasts. The people who make use of this type of grills are generally well-versed in the art of barbecuing.

The portable BBQ grills are easy to load and smaller. They can be carried in your car or truck easily. The portable grills can be electric, gas or charcoal. There are smaller and bigger versions of this type of BBQ grill.
BBQ Islands are bigger grills that are mostly used by serious grillers. They can be permanently fixed on your patio or can be rolled on wheels. The grill is also available with a small refrigerator below that can be used to store many things. The BBQ islands are mostly propane BBQ grills.

Prices of outdoor grills

Prices for outdoor BBQ grills differ from one model to another. It is better to have a clear idea about your budget and purpose in mind before shopping for a new BBQ grill. If you would be entertaining large groups of friends and family regularly it is better to go in for a larger model. A small sized or portable grill will be ideal if the grill is just for yourself and your family to enjoy the odd meal outdoors.
There are some outdoor BBQ grills that occupy a lot of space and certain others that may be suitable for just two persons. The needs and requirements of your outdoor BBQ grill must be borne in mind before shopping for a new one.

When it comes to choosing among the gas, charcoal or other models, it is not an easy decision to make. Each and every model has its own merits and drawbacks. The traditionalist will surely vouch for the charcoal grill type as it can give food a better flavor or taste. For instance the smoke emanating from the grill can give an added flavor to the meat as it gets cooked. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to an outdoor charcoal BBQ grill.

However, from the safety angle, propane is considered to be safer than charcoal. Outdoor grills can be ignited with just the touch of a button through the use of propane. There is no need for matches or lighter fluid. Also it is easier to control propane than charcoal. Flare ups are less common with the use of propane unlike charcoal grills.

You must not only take due care and attention to buy the best type of outdoor BBQ grill to meet your needs but must also take care to learn the method of using the new BBQ grill effectively. It is advised to read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before making use of the outdoor grill. In this way you can make optimum use of the grill and try out some great recipes.

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