Buying a Camping Grill

One of the most popular pastimes on any camping trip is the time honored tradition of grilling out for your meals. Enjoying hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner or roasting marshmallows before bed are just some of the typical ways to grill during a camping trip. Unfortunately, your backyard grill is far too large to bring along for a casual camping trip. Instead campers and hikers should invest in a camping grill that is portable enough to be used wherever you travel. Use these tips to narrow down the many choices and bring home the one perfect camping grill to meet your needs.

Consider the Purpose: The first thing to think about is what, exactly, you want to use your camping grill for. Some people just enjoy the open flame to roast marshmallows and a bit of themed illumination for a fun camping trip, while others may plan to cook each meal they eat over the grill for several weeks at a time. It is important to think about what kind of meals you plan to make on the grill and how you expect to use it.

Consider the Frequency of Usage: How often you plan to use the camping grill makes a big difference in what kind you should ultimately purchase. Someone who uses their camping grill once each year for a weekend family trip might only need the bare minimum and should avoid spending a large amount of money on one piece of equipment. On the other hand, some hikers might enjoy week long treks and need a high quality grill that will last for several years of heavy duty usage before being replaced. Either way, the frequency of use should be a big factor in what you decide to purchase.

Consider the Portability: The main idea of a camping grill is that it is light enough and mobile enough to use in several different locations depending on where you plan to travel. However, there is large range of sizes and weights for camping grills. Think about whether the grill simply needs to be portable enough to ride in the back of the truck to a new location, or portable enough to fit in a large rucksack for hikes and expeditions. Weight might also play a factor if you plan to carry the grill by hand, or even bring it along on a boat for fishing trips.

Consider the Price: The major factor for most people who are shopping for camping grills is the price. Some camping grills can be as cheap as $25, especially if you opt for a very small charcoal choice. However, many camping grills are significantly more expensive, and operate with either charcoal, gas or electricity. Some may have several burners to cook large meals for many people. Make sure that you don’t pay too much for a grill that you only plan to use once or twice a year.

By considering all of these factors, anyone can narrow down their options and pick the perfect camping grill to meet their needs and fit in their budget. Remember to pay attention to price, portability, the frequency of usage, the meals you plan to cook on the camping grill and the location where you want to use it.

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