A Gas Grill is Best for Ease of Use

Outdoor cooking is almost as much of an American national pastime as baseball. Outdoor grilling allows more freedom in the kitchen and out of it as well. Recipes prepared on the grill are lighter, simpler, and most often, easier to prepare. Enter the gas grill. A gas grill is easier to use than a charcoal grill for a variety of reasons. It requires less preparation time, little to no clean up, fewer supplies, and the elimination of almost all of the guesswork in outdoor cooking.

The arrival of summer means preparing meals that are simpler, but no less delicious than the heartier fare of winter. Families cannot wait to get outdoors and fire up the grill. In fact, many families, depending upon their locale, find that outdoor grilling can be done during almost any season. But what makes the gas grill a better option than a charcoal grill? Part of the simplicity that comes with cooking outdoors is the preparation. An entire meal can be prepared without ever firing up the indoor oven and stovetop. Gas grills use propane fuel, which is available for purchase at most convenience, home improvement, and grocery stores. The propane tank is connected to the grill, and remains connected until it needs to be replaced. When it is empty, simply return the tank to a store, and exchange it for a full tank. Many places even fill your own tank and return it to you.

Once the propane tank is connected, simply light the burners with the touch of a button, and allow them to burn for about five minutes with the lid closed. After five minutes have passed, re-open the lid of the grill, and scrub the hot grates with a steel grill brush and the food is immediately ready to be placed on the grates and cooked. That is a much quicker preparation than adding charcoal briquets, lighter fluid, and waiting 15-20 minutes for the flames to die down on a charcoal grill every time you want to cook. Not to mention, using a push button to start a fire is certainly safer than tossing in a match to ignite flammable lighter fluid.

The burners on the grill allow the flame to be adjusted to a suitable cooking temperature. Much like the indoor stove, the grill chef has complete control of the cooking speed and temperature. When cooking on a charcoal grill, it is impossible to adjust the cooking temperature if it is too hot or not hot enough. You have to guess how large of a fire to build based on how much food you are cooking, what type of food, and how long it needs to cook. If you guess incorrectly, there is not much you can do about it.

Once the cooking is done, simply turn off the burners and the fire is out. There are no ashes to empty or hot coals to monitor. Occasionally, the grease pot under the grill does need to be emptied, but not at every use. For busy families, the gas grill is a simpler, faster, and more cost effective option. Food can be placed on the grill almost immediately, operating costs are minimal, and clean up is a breeze. Weeknight meals don’t have to be boring due to limited time. A delicious, fresh, and healthy meal can be prepared outdoors in almost any weather, eliminating indoor messes and heat from indoor appliances. And let’s face it, it’s just more fun. With a good set of grilling tools and a little propane, it is no wonder grilling has become such an intregal part of family meal times.

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