The Cameron Stove Top Smoker – A Great Indoor Smoking Solution

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The Cameron Stove Top Smoker is a smart choice for people who love smoked dishes but don’t always have the time and motivation to set up the big outdoor smoker. This little beauty is portable, safe for indoors use and is easy to use.

Here are the bullet points for the Cameron smoker:

* Stainless steel construction.

* Smokes meat, fish and vegetables on the stove top.

* Cleans up in the dishwasher.

* Different wood chips are available.

* Works with both gas and electric stoves.

* Measures 15 by 11-inches with a 3.5-inch depth.

Cameron describes this stove top smoker as a heavy-gauge stainless steel smoker that has the ability to smoke a ham or a whole fish filet. It can also be used as a steamer, roasting pan and poacher for tender and moist chicken filets. It includes a recipe book and a supply of wood chips, so kitchen chefs can get started straight away. The sliding lid seals in the flavor and moisture. A drip tray protects the wood chips. It comes with a seven-year warranty.

The Cameron indoor stove top smoker is the solution for the cook who doesn’t want to miss the game on the TV. There’s no need to run outside constantly to check the food or wood chip supply. Cooks can surf the Internet while the smoker does its work, or lovers can smoke while the cooker does the surf and turf.

The fun with any new toy is playing with it, so in no particular order or rhyme or reason, here are a few fun tricks and ideas to consider when using the stovetop smoker. Remember, though, only you can prevent big waistlines.

Chicken breasts are ideal in this smoker. They cook up fast and present themselves as juicy and tender beside beans and cornbread. This is a healthy cooking method. The fat falls away into the drip pan. It’s an ideal meal for people who need to reduce fat intake or want to lose a few pounds to fit into last year’s swimsuit or running togs.

For people who live in a condo or apartment, this smoker will fill the need for delicious smoked salmon or sausage. The tight-fitting lid will make sure that no smoke escapes and bothers neighbors or sets off the smoke alarm.

Here are two cleaning tips:

* Spray the rack with cooking oil so bits of food won’t stick.

* Line the drip pan with aluminum foil, and then toss it after it cools.

Everyone who loves smoked baby back ribs, raise your hand. These delicious treats are properly cooked in the Cameron smoker at 250 degrees for about four hours. Brown them on the grill for additional culinary excitement.

If making appetizers such as wings, veggies, thin meat cuts or fruit slices, it’s good to remember that thin items will smoke quickly.

Venison snacks in particular tend to dry out fast. This is one instance where the smoking will need a watchful eye. Most game meat is already lean. Once all the natural juice drips out, you’re making jerky.

Wagyu steak and other super-prime beef cuts should probably stay hundreds of miles away from a smoker. Three-hundred bucks is a sweet sum to pay for home-manufactured leather. If it must be done for some insane reason, experiment with small cuts.

An entire chicken can be smoked by dropping a large piece of aluminum foil over the bird and securing the foil to the edges of the pan. A large turkey is probably not a good idea, but life is short, and some turkeys are small.

The Cameron Stove Top Smoker is the perfect solution for apartment dwellers and for when there’s no time or inclination to fire up the big boy in the backyard. It cranks out piles of juicy, fresh, smoked treats that will attract friends and neighbors from many counties away. By checking the price of smoked salmon at the grocery store, it’s easy to see that this stove top smoker will pay for itself many times over.