The Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker
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Bradley Smoker has been helping restaurants and individuals out for twelve years by offering quality products for barbecuing, grilling, and smoking. One of their items, the Digital 4-Rack Smoker, combines the benefits of a traditional smoker with modern technology. When cooking with this smoker, you have the ability to control the amount of smoke used, the amount of time the food will be smoked for, and the temperature at which the food will be smoked. It can operate for up to eight hours before you have to give it more fuel. The Bradley Digital Smoker makes it easy to create gourmet meals right outside your own home in any kind of weather. The door seals tightly so even on a cold day, you can smoke your food to perfection.

The steel construction of this Bradley smoker makes it sturdy and durable, and the purchase of a new smoker comes with a one year warranty. It is small enough to take up a negligible amount of room on your patio or deck, yet has a large enough volume to allow for a great deal of cooking space. The lightweight design makes it easy to move around the yard as needed, or to bring with you to a friend’s barbecue.

The smoker comes with four removable racks that are each eleven inches by thirteen inches, making room for several foods to be smoked at the same time. Because the racks are removable and adjustable, you can alter the amount of space you have to make room for larger items.

This smoker is simple to use. After the initial set up for cooking, you can set your temperature and time and let the food smoke to a perfect flavor. Bradley owners can also order flavored bisquettes to enhance the taste of their smoked food. Several different flavors are available and the use of them gives your food a unique taste without worrying about the right combination of spices or marinating overnight. You can also get different flavors by using the different features of the smoker. This Bradley smoker can be used for hot-smoking and cold-smoking, slow-roasting, and even dehydrating. Whatever method you choose, it produces very little smoke so you can still enjoy being outside while waiting for your food to cook.

The care and clean up of the Bradley smoker are simple. The drip pan and racks are dish-washer safe so you can clean up quickly and get the smoker ready for your next cook-out. You can purchase a weather guard to keep the smoker protected from inclement weather while it is not in use. The Bradley Smoker can be found online or at many major stores for outdoor enthusiasts. Buy your Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker today and start making amazing meals in your own backyard.