The Benefits of the Big Green Egg

Big Green EggThe Big Green Egg is named for a shape that provides you with excellent temperature control, easy cooking and incredible results. Unique styling makes this cooker one of the most effective options available when you want the flavor of charcoal without the mess and hassle. If you have been looking for a new barbeque, here is what you should know about the green one shaped like an egg.

How It Works
The sealed firebox in the bottom of the egg allows you to use natural lump charcoal. A flow draft door is located below the firebox, allowing air to enter the box and help the charcoal burn efficiently. The heat rises into an airtight cooking chamber. Like a crockpot or roaster, the tight seal retains the heat and moisture, so your meat won’t dry out like it can on a regular grill. Finally, the rising heat is vented out through a dual-function metal top, allowing you to control the amount of air escaping and carefully adjust the temperature.

Temperature Advantages of the Egg
Unlike a traditional charcoal grill, the temperature of the Egg is easy to maintain. A traditional grill can get too hot, forcing you to wait for coals to cool down. The Egg, however, provides you with precise temperature control through the airflow. Grill meat, smoke fish or bake chicken by creating exact temperatures up to 400 degrees.

The Cool Exterior
Made with an exterior glaze that will last for a lifetime, the Egg is easily cleaned by wiping down the exterior. The ceramic surface stays cooler than traditional metal grills, so you won’t have to worry about children being burned on the outside of the grill.

Fast Cleaning
Featuring a luxurious stainless steel cooking grid, the Egg is extremely easy to clean. Like a self-cleaning oven, grease build-up is burned away using residual heat. Once it has been burned away, the remains are easily wiped clean for a grill that is ready for use again.

The Downside
The perfect grill has yet to be invented, and the Egg does have some drawbacks. It is on the expensive side, but most users feel that it is well worth the investment. The grilling surface is also small, limited by the size of the grill’s diameter. While this isn’t an issue if you are cooking for an average size family, it could pose problems if you are entertaining a large number of people. Most owners also report that it takes a while to learn how to properly work the grill. Plan to experiment with a few dishes to get the feel of the grill and master cooking with it.

What Owners are Saying
Overall, owners give the grill four or even five stars. They report that the temperature control is as precise as promised by the manufacturer, and they claim that the food turns out incredible. Easy to use and easy to clean, owners love that it doesn’t dry out the food. People who have had trouble grilling food with other grills report that their meals turn out fantastic with the help of the incredible Green Egg.

Extremely unique and versatile, the Big Green Egg is an extremely popular grill. While it may not work if you need to grill large amounts of food at once, it’s a great solution for anyone who is looking for a charcoal grill with superb temperature control. Easily moved around on wheeled legs, it won’t take up much space on the deck with its slim design and clever styling.