Primo Oval XL Grill Review

Primo 778 Extra-Large Oval Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill
The Primo Oval XL Grill comes from a company that puts hard work before cheap style when creating ceramic grills. Primo builds every individual grill to be the best grill on the market, and with their eye for design, functionality, and versatility, they have proved themselves to be a leading brand with a trustworthy name.

The Primo Oval XL Grill upholds the brand image so far. Being the largest of the Primo grills, it stands at 28 inches and weighs 192 pounds. It can weigh over 300 pounds with add-ons when shipped; without many dealers around, shipping is usually the best option. When ordered and shipped, the grill must be assembled upon arrival. Assembly should not take long, and the instructions are basic enough to get the point across. The grill is covered in a ceramic shell, keeping heat in and insects out. As stated in the name, the grill is oval in shape, and it is one of the only grills with a dividable firebox. This firebox makes grilling super easy and quick, allowing men to have dinner ready within a shorter time than with most other grills.

The Primo Oval XL Grill is made of quality material, and one can tell the assembly is of professional quality. It has a large smoker capacity and can easily be shut down, snuffing out leftover charcoal. There is a stand available for the Primo Oval XL Grill, but it must be bought separately. The grill holds 400 square inches of grilling area, but this area can be scaled up to 680 square inches due to optional grates. With a stainless steel bottom vent and cast iron top vent, this grill can handle pretty much all heavy duty grilling a man can put it through. The lid is spring loaded so it is easy to lift.

The divided firebox is definitely the most unique part of the Primo Oval XL Grill. Being able to have charcoal only on one side allows men to cook with direct and indirect grilling space. This rules out the use of a diffuser plate, making grilling less of a hassle. However, for those who are used to diffuser plates, they are still available for this grill. Since the Primo Oval XL Grill can also use low temperatures for a certain amount of time and then open the vents and raise the temperature in a matter of minutes, it is known as a great smoking grill.

The overall cost of the grill plus additional cooking grates hits around the $2,000 range. The grill itself cost roughly over $1,000. Most who have purchased the Primo Oval XL Grill say the cost is completely worth the quality they see and taste when they use the grill.