Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi 10 by 18 Inch Grill: One Fantastic Grill

Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi
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For those that love to grill out, the Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi grill is an excellent choice of grills. Not only is the grill extremely durable which means that it will be able to hold up to traveling, it is also portable and very easy to transport meaning that it can be in the spotlight at every hiking and camping trip. Or, it can be the star at every cookout.

Although the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill is easy to move, it does not sacrifice portability with size. Measuring 10 inches by 18 inches, the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill is big enough to grill of your favorite foods. All in all, the cooking surface of the grill measures a convenient 157 inches. Designed for serious grilling, the Marsh Allen also features three different adjustable cooking grids meaning that a wide array of foods can be successfully cooked on this convenient little powerhouse of a grill.

The Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill is also built with two wooden handles that make adjusting the grill safe and easy. This Marsh Allen Grill is not one of those grills that is a pain to deal with; it is designed with convenient and versatile cooking in mind. In fact, just to prove that point, the Marsh Allen was designed with two adjustable air vents that make controlling charcoal burn rates a breeze. The designers of the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill knew that having your food roll off of the grill was unacceptable; for that reason, this Marsh Allen Grill is designed with curved edges that discourage unruly food from escaping from the grill.

When compared to other grills of similar size, this Marsh Allen Grill ranks among the top small, Hibachi grills available. In addition to all of its amazing features listed above, the Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill is also attractive. With a black exterior and silver hardware, not to mention the sophisticated and charming wooden handles, the grill can fit in with a variety of outdoor themes. While it may be attractive, this grill is also easy to do maintenance on. Its adjustability features make it easier to clean than many other grills. Although everyone hates cleaning the grill, at least this grill makes the task much easier; with this grill, no one has to dread cleaning the grill.

Let’s face it, the grill is a vital piece to any patio, trip, or cookout. Without the grill, food just doesn’t taste the same and the experience just isn’t as good. This Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill lives up to nearly all expectations that someone can have for a grill; it won’t disappoint and is a fantastic investment for anyone serious about grilling out.