Grill Daddy GD12952c Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush

Grill Daddy GD12952c Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush
When summer approaches, it’s time to fire up the barbecue grill for great tasting meals that won’t overheat the kitchen. The only downside to a great barbecuing experience is cleaning the grill.

Some home chefs leave the grease and grime on their grill hoping it will burn off during the next use, and some clean their grill diligently after each barbecue. It is much healthier to begin each meal with a clean grill, and there is an innovative tool that is advertised to help make this chore quicker and easier.

The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush uses the power of steam to clean any grill, including grills with food that has been baked on. The stainless-steel bristles can be used on steel, cast-iron and porcelain grates, and a long handle with a built in guard helps prevent burns to the hands and arms from hot splatters. It is designed to break up thick grill residue without heavy labor or the use of chemicals, and is advertised to clean and sanitize any grill in minutes


The idea is somewhat unique, and the use of steam to clean baked on food works very well. It doesn’t drip, so there is no need to worry about dousing a charcoal fire, and the brush doesn’t melt when used on a hot grill.

Solvents used to clean grills do not work as well as the Grill Daddy Brush, and they may leave behind dangerous chemicals that can leech into food being cooked at the following barbecue.

Clean-up is quick and easy as advertised, and an added benefit is that using the grill brush allows the grill to be cleaned immediately after use or after the party ends. There is no more need to worry about cleaning up while everyone else is having fun.

The price is reasonable. There are grill brushes on the market that cost the same or more and don’t offer the convenient steam feature.


The main complaints revolve around the quality of the materials used to make the brush handle. This is a partially accurate concern. It looks like a relatively flimsy plastic, and doesn’t appear to be able to withstand long periods of use. With a reasonable amount of care, though, it holds up pretty well. There doesn’t seem to be the need for a replacement after frequent use, and it should last for at least one year when used carefully.

The brush is stainless-steel and heat resistant, but the plastic handle will melt if placed too close to the hot grill.

While it works great cleaning the grates, it is rather big which makes it difficult to clean inside the grill. Even if it did reach the interior easily, the bristles are not really thick enough to do a thorough cleaning on a smooth surface.

If cost is an issue, a spray bottle of water and an inexpensive brush may do the job. This method will not work as quickly and easily as the Grill Daddy Brush, but will be adequate for occasional cleaning.


The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush works as advertised and will hold up if used carefully. It is especially helpful for people who use their barbecue regularly and enjoy keeping it clean between uses. The pros definitely outweigh the cons which is surprising for an “As Seen on TV” product.