Camp Chef BB30L Professional BBQ 1-Burner Stove Grill Box Review

Camp Chef BB30LCamp Chef made a name for itself with durable and high-quality grills that cost less than other manufacturers charge. With its BB30L Professional BBQ 1-Burner Stove Grill Box, it hopes to change the way that you do cooking. Coming it at right around $100, this is the perfect grill for those who want something professional but don’t want to pay a lot. Once you find out more about this sleek little grill, you’ll want one for your next camping trip or tailgating party.

Locking Hinge

With this Camp Chef grill, you can literally grab it and go. A locking hinge mechanism placed at the open end of the grill lets you lock the hinge closed, and that hinge transforms into a simple handle. Every component inside the grill will remain in place, and you’ll never worry about opening the grill and finding the grates and plates tipped over. As an added bonus, the hinge also lets you turn your grill into a makeshift smoker. Get a good sear on your meat, snap the lid shut and lock the handles in place. You can turn down the temperature and let your meat slowly cook to your desired level of doneness without worrying about someone accidentally opening it and loosing that flavor.

Temperature Gauge

How many times have you found yourself standing around and twiddling your thumbs as you waited for your grill to reach the right temperature? Many of the smaller grills on the market today feature a hit or miss design. You eyeball the grill and hope it’s at the right temperature before you throw on your meat. With this small grill from Camp Chef, a temperature gauge on the top lets you know the exact heat inside. You’ll never again worry that the grill is a little too hot or not hot enough to get that perfect sear.

Diffuser Plates

Grilling enthusiasts know the importance of heat diffuser plates. If you ever used a charcoal grill or a cheaper propane grill before, you know all about hot spots and flare ups. Those old grills do not properly disperse the heat throughout the cooking surface, which results in areas that are extremely hot and areas that are barely warm enough to melt butter. This model features specially designed heat diffuser plates that slowly disperse the heat evenly across the cooking surface. No matter where you cook, you’ll find that the temperature is the same.

Grill Grates

Have you ever watched in horror as a piece of meat slowly rolled off the grill grate and into the space below? This often occurs because your grill didn’t have a strong and durable grate on top. The cast iron grill grate on this model is just the right size to prevent food from rolling off, but those grates will still give you those amazing grill marks that you want. When you reach the end of your meal, you can also remove those grates for easy cleaning.

Convenient Size

The BB30L Professional BBQ 1-Burner Stove Grill Box from Camp Chef comes in a convenient size that is perfect for individuals and small groups. Measuring 17-inches by 10-inches by 16-inches, it has enough surface space to cook several hamburgers and steaks or even a main dish and a side. As it works with most of the one-burner, two-burner and three-burner stoves from Camp Chef, you can also use this to feed a larger group.

Setting up this grill with your camp stove is easy. Set the grill on top, ensure that it doesn’t move or slip, connect your propane tank to the gas line below and get cooking. While other camp stoves are too small to feed a crowd or too large to transport easily, this one straddles the line. It comes in the size that you need to feed your group, and at just over 20 pounds, you can easily strap it to your bag or toss it in your car, making it a great choice for grilling enthusiasts.

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