Big Green Egg Grill – A Review

If you are green in grilling experience, you might want to put up the money for a grill that will make you look like a pro chef from the Food Network. Even if you are a rookie griller, the Big Green Egg grill will sear the kind of succulent steak most grillers can only make in their dreams.

The Big Green Egg grill is not related to Dr. Seuss or his Green Eggs and Ham story although you could grill some mouth watering ham steaks that you might eat with a bowl of crunchy corn flakes. You could smoke a delectable 20 pound turkey or slow roast a stack of tasty beef jerky—despite no relationship to the good doctor.

What separates the Big Green Egg grill from all other charcoal grills? True, most grills are not green and egg-shaped. It is the unique features that set this best of the best grill far above any competitors.

*Two contraptions in one
The Big Green Egg grill is a grill and it is a smoker. You can find other grills that make that claim but the facts reveal the truth. Other grills are smoker-wanna-be’s trying be good at one or the other and end up lost somewhere in the land of mediocre.

Most grills lack the versatile design that can transform into another piece of equipment. The Big Green Egg grill can get white hot or it can smoke with the best of them. You place your selection in the customized Egg Nest at the perfect height and temperature to create the perfect smoked Egg Nest item.

*Design and construction
Unlike many grills made of thin metal that dry out meat to a charred state, the Big Green Egg grill is cast from thick ceramic material with a porcelain glaze coating. The heat stays where you want it making for moister meats. Imagine sinking your choppers into a savory juicy steak as your jealous neighbor peeks over the fence gnawing on his charred scraps.

The Big Green Egg grill makes charcoal grilling seem as efficient as cooking with electric controls. You can vary the temperature to just the right heat in just the right place to lock in moisture. The patented design and the dampers give you the keys to the castle. No other grill comes close to the efficient temperature control of the BGE.

The self contained design ignores the elements of nature so you can start the Big Green Egg grill on your first strike. The chimney-like top keeps the hot stuff in and the wind, rain, dust, locust or any unwanted varmints out.

*Size matters
Just like Goldilocks, you will find a Big Green Egg grill that comes in just the right size for you. For the Big Green Egg quality is not influenced by size. From mini to small to medium to large, all sizes are made in the patented design with the highest quality materials.

*Live the dream
Think of the tons of fun gadgets from ash sweepers to grate grippers that are available in addition to the main course of the big ticket item. When you notice the slightly higher cost of the Big Green Egg grill don’t be a drama queen and have sticker shock.

*Step up
The best of the best might cost more. It’s all about those glorious steaks. If you want to stake out the best grill and the most mouth watering meats, you gotta pay the price.

*No regrets
You will not regret purchasing this unique grill. You might regret other things in your life but buying the Big Green Egg will not be one of them. It is beyond supreme ruler of grills. An you can be the supreme griller.

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