BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America by Steven Raichlen

BBQ USA breaks through the traditions of barbecue and gives cooks a fresh look at recipes from across the country, including Puerto Rico and Canada. Author Steven Raichlen, who wrote The Barbecue Bible, has gathered recipes from all sources such as competitions, tailgate parties, backyards and restaurants and ordered them into a volume that answers every barbecue question out there.

Raichlen gives a quirky mixture of barbecue tips, restaurant profiles and food history along with his recipes, much in the tradition of his popular Beer Can Chicken. He includes regional tips and tricks and explains the traditions behind the dishes. The book is an excellent go to guide for avid barbecue fans everywhere. Whether the food is smoked, mopped, rubbed or pulled, this guide will please you regardless if you are an occasional griller or obsessed with great barbecue flavor.

Styles and Sauces

BBQ USA covers traditional barbecue styles broken down first by main ingredient. Raichlen makes basics with recipes like Lone Star Brisket and Lexington Pulled Pork. His discoveries include K.C. Pepper Rub, Tennessee Mop Sauce and a New Jersey Coffee Sauce, plus he makes sure to let you know where each recipe comes from, which gives a well rounded education in the ever evolving world of barbecue in the U.S. His use of location and background information puts each recipe on the map, whether it’s grilled and chilled soup in California or barbecued peanuts from Kentucky.

A Variety of Techniques

Raichlen offers up a host of grilling techniques, whether it involves rotisserie cooking or the use of bricks. The grilling isn’t limited to traditional meat either. You can grill foods like corn, beans, oysters and fish and even something as unlikely as meatloaf. With a variety of foods that seems almost endless, BBQ USA appeals to grillers on every level. Whether you’ve been grilling for years and years or are just getting your feet wet, Raichlen takes you through the barbecue world in a unique and fascinating way.

Tempting Recipes

The sauces offered in BBQ USA range from the traditional to ones you might not have heard of. Recipes like “Alabama BBQ Chickens with White BBQ Sauce” might sound a little strange, but the sauce works. He has also found a horseradish and vinegar sauce that is a wonderful addition as well as a dry rub called “Magic Dust.” A tuna “London Broil” recipe that offers up a Wasabi Cream Sauce is another winner that starts with a dry rub and ends with the superb sauce that will tempt you even if you’re not a sushi fan. Raichlen finds a way to present recipes that stretch the imagination while offering the comfort that most barbecue lovers crave in their food.

It’s a Hit

The reviews are in for BBQ USA and readers love it. Raichlen offers a great narrative as he travels the country in search of the best barbecue recipes out there. Some readers found that using the rubs and sauces ensure they’ll never need or want to have premade mixtures in their pantries again. Some of the instructions include how to barbecue a whole hog, and ample space is given to the steps involved. Many well-known establishments are profiled with biographical stories that will keep you interested. With the help of Dr. Rich Davis, founder of KC Masterpiece, who tells a comprehensive history of barbecuing in the U.S., Raichlen has put together an excellent representation of what makes our nation’s cuisine so great: a melting pot of ideas and cuisines from all over the world.

With kudos from top chefs like Bobby Flay along with the voices of approval from chefs and cooks across America, BBQ USA is certainly slated to join the ranks of essential books on this diverse cooking style.