A Review of the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 1/2 Inch Smoker

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker
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For the best in smokehouse flavor, the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 1/2 inch Smoker is an excellent choice. The smoker is large enough to smoke an entire turkey and a chicken or ham at the same time. For those who want instant gratification and no maintenance, a gas grill or a smokehouse restaurant may be better. Still for those who want the satisfaction of a real smoker, the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker is a superb performer.

Smoker Features

The smoker is made from high-grade steel covered with porcelain-enamel, and it includes two grates for cooking that are 18 1/2 inches wide and nickel-plated. A convenient thermometer, vents on the bowl and the lid and a handle made of heat-resistant nylon as well as a cover and a water pan are all part of this no-nonsense Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.

The Pros and the Cons

Those who are serious about making a purchase and investment in equipment such as a smoker want to know the “good” and the “bad” about the product. When they have the facts, they can make a better decision. Then, they are more likely to be satisfied with what they have bought.


– The only tools needed to assemble the smoker are a flat-headed screw driver and an adjustable wrench.
– All the parts fit perfectly together when assembling.
– The thermometer is in a great spot for monitoring the inside temperatures.
– An ash catching pan makes cleaning out the ashes an easy job.
– The door for adding charcoal is wide enough to place a chunk of wood inside.
– The door has a latch that is spring-loaded, and the handle is a lever that makes the door easy to secure shut.
– The temperature is easy to regulate no matter what the outside temperature is.
– Amateurs at smoking can easily learn while using this smoker.
– The quality and value of this smoker makes it well worth the money.


– The smoker takes some time to assemble.
– Smoking will not be good unless the smoker is first well-seasoned.
– A chimney to start the coals makes it easier to get the charcoal going.
– The Weber Chimney Starter is sold separately.

Points Regarding Usage

Here are some of the points that help this Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker work as it should:

– Proper seasoning before use is the only way to true smoking success with this smoker.
– Never smoke hot dogs or seafood in the same smoker in which chicken, ham and beef are smoked. For the right finished taste, get additional smokers dedicated just to hot dogs or seafood.
– Water is not needed with the cooking. Dry smoking helps the crust to form more quickly on the meat. Just spray meat with water once the crust has formed.
– Lining the water pan with two layers of aluminum foil helps avoid having to take the pan out to clean. Just remove the top layer of foil after smoking and replace it. Then, the cleaning of the pan is complete.
– Never use water to wash the inside. Just get a sturdy grill brush and brush it out from time to time because the best aroma builds up over time.
– Buy and follow the directions from a good book written by experts about smoking for the best success.

Smoker Performance Overall

As far as the overall performance of the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 1/2 Inch Smoker, this is a real smoker that will go the distance every time. With the right assembly and seasoning, this smoker will smoke incredibly the first time and will only get better with each use. Even beginners can use this smoker, no problem.