A Review for the Camp Chef 18 Inc Smoke Vault Propane Box HD Steel and Stainless Door Smoker

Camp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Box HD Steel and Stainless Door Smoker
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The Camp Chef 18 Inch Smoke Vault Propane Box HD Steel and Stainless Door Smoker, Black is a sturdy unit that is designed for cooking and smoking outdoors. One jerky rack, two regular racks and a water pan are inside behind the attractive stainless steel door. This smoker is built to last for years of use.

Main Features

This smoke vault is a basic propane smoker. With around the cost of purchasing enough coal to keep a coal-burning smoker going, propane for the same smoking takes a lot less effort. Still, a little wood chips or briquettes can be added if desired on the wood tray for the flavor.

Besides having enough power to smoke meats, seafood and more, this smoker will dry jerky and bake bread. Cookware and even Dutch ovens less than 18 inches wide fit within the inside measurements of this durably-made Camp Chef smoker.

The Pros and the Cons

Considering the positive and negative details about a product is wise. Purchasing a specialized item like this smoker is an investment. Most buyers want to be informed.


– One of the best things about this smoker is that it is well-built.
– The heat is completely captured and held within the cabinet smoker.
– The propane is efficiently used.
– The easy assembly takes less than an hour.
– The quality and value is high for the price.
– The temperature is extremely easy to regulate.
– Customer service with Camp Chef is top-notch.
– Beginner barbecue smokers will find it a breeze learning to use this smoker.


– Propane tank must be purchased separately.
– Unfortunately, the shipping of the product can cause damage and denting to the cabinet. The packaging is partly to blame.
– Another thermometer gauging internal heat of the meat or a dual thermometer might help. The temperature gauge for the smoker is not always accurate. Having two is a good way to make sure the smoking is a success.
– A little gasket sealer for high temperatures is needed around the temperature gauge to keep moisture from running down the door during the smoking process, staining the door.

Using this Smoker

Of course, seasoning first according to the directions makes a big difference in how the smoker performs. Filling the water pan is necessary for moisture during the smoking process. Then, well-seasoned wood chips, chunks or both should be used for the smoke flavor.

For maintaining temperature, this unit is fabulous. Still, the temperature gauge is not always accurate. Purchasing a separate thermometer is recommended as stated in the above “cons.”

The 18 inch size of this smoker is large enough for most home smoking. This 18 inch smoker with its two racks and jerky rack will smoke two chickens, steaks or a mix easily. Still, separate smokers should be used for seafood and hot dogs to keep the preferred smoked flavor. A “fishy” brisket is not very appealing.

Especially for beginners, a good book or website that has temperatures and times for smoking different items is very helpful. Information that includes smoking theory, tips and even recipes helps make smoking projects successful.

The Camp Chef Smoker’s Overall Performance

While some negatives are listed above, the overall performance of this smoker is excellent. The temperature keeps evenly throughout the cooking and smoking time. If directions for the equipment are followed, this unit will do a superb job of smoking anything the user wants to smoke. Awesome flavor and smoking perfection are regular occurrences with this Camp Chef Smoker.