1,001 Best Grilling Recipes

The best grilling cookbook hands down has got to be “1,001 Best Grilling Recipes” by Rick Browne, of the PBS grilling show “Barbecue America,” who holds an honorary Ph.B. (Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy) from the Kansas City Barbecue Society. He has worked with famous food-preparers Julia Child, Charlie Trotter and Guiliano Bugialli. His awe-inspiring barbecue credentials span 25 years, 30,000 miles across America, and popular TV shows including the TODAY Show, CNN and Live with Regis & Kelly, making him a barbecue expert.

This recipe book is chock full of one mouth-watering recipe after the other that makes you want to run to the kitchen and start mixing and prepping everything from jalapeno peppers to duck to lamb. If you’ve never grilled dragon eggs, yakitori, oyster burgers, squab, goose a L’orange, lamb cutlets, shepherd’s pie or smokin’ chocolate pie, then this is the grilling cookbook for you! If you’ve never thought about barbecue and fruit, Rick Browne will open your eyes with bing cherry-yaki beef, saucy mango chimichangas and barbecued raspberry pie. And all the barbecue recipes with spirits will lift your barbecue-loving spirits! Whiskey, port, bourbon, brandy, rum, sherry, beer, champagne and wine will tenderize meat and fowl and add incredible flavor and nuance to your next cookout.

You’ll want to try all of these: soused grouse made with brandy, bourbon chicken wings, buttered bourbon onions, Chardonnay marinade sauce, ham in beer, chicken in red wine, banana rum pot stickers, sage-smoke champagne quail, rum and coca cola cake, barbecued honey and whiskey cake, Irish whiskey duck and whiskeyed-up dogs.

“1,001 Best Grilling Recipes” isn’t a glossy coffee table book. It’s a true cookbook with recipe after recipe for burgers, hot dogs and sausages, prime cuts of meat and all the different ways to prepare them for the grill, including sauces, rubs, seasonings and marinades, plus barbecued desserts! You’ll find plenty of ways to reinvent your burgers and hot dogs here, as well as the most delicious concoctions to prepare your steaks, chicken, seafood and wild game before grilling.

If you ever wanted to know how to make your own “secret recipe” barbecue sauce or marinade, check out the primer of popular sauces from across the United States. Kentucky’s black sauce, New Mexico’s sauce full of cayenne and chilis, and Alabama’s tangy white sauce are just starters. Steep your succulent cuts of beef, lamb, or goose in marinades made with pomegranate, coconut milk, shredded orange peel, pale ale, white wine, ground ginger or hoisin sauce. Stock up on spices like garlic powder, summer savory, cardamom, ground cumin, turmeric and lemon pepper to mix up some Chinese Five-Spice Rub, Pig Man Rub, Volcanic Rub or Cowboy rub. You won’t be able to keep them all to yourself! Mix up double or triple batches of your favorite rubs or sauces and keep them in the pantry or fridge to use anytime or bottle them in decorative containers and give them as gifts. But keep this amazing barbecue cook book as your own secret weapon and ticket to the best barbecue in town at your backyard grill.

Use this book to learn how to barbecue whole heads of garlic, corn cheddar biscuits and edible fire crackers along with honeycrisp apple enchiladas, honey-mango roasted duck and grilled fruit. You’ll read about how to grill foods you probably never thought about grilling before, and combining foods and flavors in intriguing ways that pique your interest and whet your appetite. Barbecued butter tarts, fire-seared bananas, Dr. Pepper baked beans and barbecued pot roast. Yes, there’s even a recipe for barbecued ice cream that involves pound cake, ice cream bars, fudge sauce and chocolate sprinkles. If that’s taking it too far for you, then you are not really into barbecue. But if you’re like me, you will not be able to put this cookbook down until you’ve flipped through every page at least twice with tongs in hand and your grilling apron on.