What you need to know about Tri-tip

If you are looking to expand your grilling repertoire beyond the traditional steak, you may want to consider a tri-tip for your next barbecue. It is a versatile, relatively inexpensive cut of meat that is gaining in popularity across the … [Continue reading]

Why you should visit your local butcher

You have a few options when looking for meat for your next grilling or barbecue recipe. Most people tend to just go to large supermarkets or chain stores for meat. The quality and selection at these locations can be a real problem that affects the … [Continue reading]

Two Great Ways to Grill Corn

Anyone who has ever cooked on a grill is familiar with the basic procedures necessary to grill meat. What many people do not know, however, is that practically anything can be cooked on a grill using the correct methods of preparation and heating. … [Continue reading]