Weber Grill Accessories You Need to Know About

Weber grills have an excellent reputation for quality and when it is time to purchase accessories for your grill, you may want to consider the ones that Weber offers. By purchasing accessories from the manufacturer of your grill, you can ensure that they will fit, when applicable, and that they are safe to use on your grill. In addition, Weber has excellent grilling accessories that will greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

The first accessory you will want to purchase for your Weber grill is a grill cover. The advantage of purchasing your protective grill covering from the manufacturer is that you will be able to get one that was designed for your grill so that it will fit properly. That way, it will be able to withstand wind and rain and stay safe from the outdoor elements. By taking care of your grill, it will last much longer and provide many years of outdoor cooking fun.

While you can buy a variety of generic grilling tools and accessories, there are some that you will want to purchase specifically for your Weber grill. For example, if you find yourself grilling out past daylight, you may be interested in a light that fits on the handle of your Weber grill. This is an important accessory to consider if you barbecue at night because heat and moisture can damage other lights; however, by getting one that is specifically made for your grill, you can use it with confidence and enhance your grilling experience.

The grill handle light from Weber operates on three AAA batteries and will provide hours and hours of illumination so that you can continue cooking even after it gets dark. Do make sure that the one you purchase is designed for your specific grill as it will depend on what type of handle your grill has as to whether or not it can accommodate this accessory.

Another Weber grill accessory you may want to consider is a gas grill rotisserie. Instead of having to buy rotisserie chickens at the supermarket, you can cook your own at home with this small accessory. What’s more, you don’t have to limit your rotisserie cooking to chickens. You can cook beef roasts, pork roasts, and more. Be sure to use a hot pad or grill gloves when removing the rotisserie from the grill as it will get quite hot.

If you like to barbecue with sauces, a Weber saucing system is the perfect accompaniment to your grill. While it may sound complicated, it is actually just a basting brush that comes with a drip cup, but having one that is designed for the outdoor grill is advisable simply because of the heat. Now, you can baste your meats and vegetables with ease and with no mess.

A Weber rib rack is not only a fun accessory, but it saves space as you can stand it up and still have room to cook other foods at the same time. The rib rack by Weber fits all of their gas grills so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit yours. Nothing tastes better than ribs that have been cooked on the grill and by using a rib rack, the job will be much easier as you can turn the entire rack when you need to turn the meat over.

Look for Weber grill accessories online where you can compare prices and find a huge selection of accessories from which to choose. By getting genuine Weber grilling accessories, you can buy with confidence, knowing that they are designed to work with your grill.

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