Use BBQ Grill Covers to Protect Your Expensive Grill

You have finally gotten your dream BBQ grill. It’s beautiful and works great. You plan to use it all the time for barbecues, picnics, and everyday cooking. When it’s time to put the grill away, what do you do with it? Does it sit outdoors in the hot sun, rain, sleet, etc.? Do you put it in your garage?

You spent a lot of money on your new grill, and you want it to stay in excellent condition. A great way to protect your BBQ grill is to use a grill cover. Grills are not cheap, and protecting it from the elements will help you protect your investment.

Keep it Clean

First, a grill cover is a great way to keep your grill clean. It can get very dirty easily from the rain and wind. During the summer, you may be able to get a way with a lighter cover, but depending on where you live, the winter may need a more heavy duty cover. A cover that is designed to snuggly fit your grill will keep it secure.

Make sure the grill is cool before you put the cover on after using it. Also, take a couple minutes to wipe it down and use a scraper to clean off the cooking grills before you put the cover on. If you are going to keep it clean, you might as well start out with a clean grill.

Protect it from the Weather

The weather is one of your biggest culprits of damage and filth to your grill. If possible, keep your grill on a patio or away from muddy spots. This will ensure that the bottom doesn’t get coated with mud during the rain. If you have tough winters, you may need to get a heavy duty cover to protect it against the cold, snow, and possible hail. You can get a specially made cover from a professional who makes covers for boats and other outdoor equipment.

Always use your cover, especially when you know the weather is going to be bad. If a thunderstorm is in the forecast, cover it up quick for protection. You don’t want things blowing into it causing dents and breakage.

Keep Away Animals

You wouldn’t let a squirrel crawl on your skillet before use without washing it. Why would you let it crawl on your grill? By keeping your grill uncovered with easy access for animals, you are just asking for it. Even if you sear the grill or scrape it off before using it, it is still unsanitary. You could have squirrels, cats, raccoons, or other animals nearby. Close the grill and cover it up as soon as it’s cool and you’re ready to go.

Protect Utensils and Tools

Many grills have a spot to store your utensils such as tongs, spatulas, etc. Using a cover makes sure that they aren’t damaged and that they don’t mysteriously disappear. Some bigger, high end grills have cabinet space or drawers to store utensils and tools such as these. Cover up your grill, or better yet, keep the utensils indoors to prevent theft.

There are a wide variety of grill covers available for any size grill. Many grills have covers specially made for them which you can get when you purchase it. Otherwise, you can get a cover with the right dimensions of your grill. If possible, get a premium, top quality grill cover to help better protect your expensive grill all year round.

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