BBQ Grill Accessories

Cooking out on the grill is not only just a way to cook your meals, but also a great way to enjoy time with family and friends. There are many great grills out there to buy, which can make your cooking out experience terrific. But you also need important BBQ grill accessories to ensure that you are getting the most out of your grill and your food! Not only do they make your life easier by having them, they can also make or break your grilling experience.


The most important grilling accessory is more than likely the spatula. The best spatula can make your grilling experience so much easier to deal with. Don’t even think you can get away with using a spatula that you grabbed at the dollar store and is found in the kitchen. A short, plastic spatula is not only going to probably catch on fire within minutes of using it, it is also going to have too short of a handle, and you more than likely will end up getting burned. Opt for a long handled, metal spatula with a rubber handle, one that is made for a grill. That way, you can easily flip your burgers without worry of getting burned or ruining the spatula. Stainless steel is a good choice when purchasing a spatula for your grill.


Again, you don’t want to try and get away with the kitchen tongs to roll your hot dogs and brats on the grill. Look for a long handled, stainless steel set of tongs that are strong enough to not only handle foot-long hot dogs, but to also turn big cuts of steak. Ensure that your tongs also have a good, rubber grip so you do not get burned from the metal heating up. You may even choose to buy a two-in-one set, that has a spatula on one side and tongs on the other. Slide the spatula under the meat or vegetables on the grill, and use the tongs to grip it, then flip or take off.


Every grilling connoisseur should have a set of grilling skewers. Whether you want to make shish ka bobs with chicken and vegetables, or you have some choice cuts of small meat pieces, or you want to grill some fresh shrimp, skewers can make your grilling experience easier. Skewers come in straight or curved designs, and in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. You want to to find skewers that are thick enough to skewer the food items thoroughly, so they don’t end up falling off.

Grill Baskets

Another useful BBQ grill accessory is a grill basket. These baskets make cooking on a grill even easier, with less of a mess to clean up. Simply place the item you want to cook in the flat basket, whether its hamburger patties, steak or fish, close the basket, and set on top of the grill. With it’s long rubber handle, you can then flip the basket without ever actually touching the food. Helps to cook all food evenly, and has the added advantage of being a great tool to use over the campfire!

Additional Accessories

Don’t forget all the other accessories you may find useful when cooking on your grill! Basting brushes are a definite need to brush on homemade marinade on steaks and fish. Thermometers are great when you worry about the temperature of your food. Don’t forget your cleaning brushes to keep your grill in tip-top condition, either! You can also buy special grill cleaning oils and products that are specifically designed to keep your grill looking it’s best. And finally, make sure to purchase a large enough grill cover to protect your grill from the elements. Grills left in the rain can rust and make wear and tear happen faster, so be sure to find a cover to protect your investment.

With the right grilling accessories, your meals are sure to be a hit every time!

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