Weber Gas Grills – How to Smoke Food on a Weber Gas Grill

Outdoor cooking doesn’t get any better than with Weber gas grills. Grilling outdoors is a festive way to mark special occasions and cook your favorite food with a unique, smoky flavor profile and a full blast of juicy goodness, from steaks to hamburgers and vegetables. Propane fuel is one of the cleanest-burning, least taste-imparting gases available, and a Weber grill will provide long lasting cooking results with even heat distribution across the generous sized cooking grate with adjustable flame and lid for smoking meats and vegetables to perfection. With easy, pushbutton electric ignition and lots of space for large volumes of cooking, you can’t go wrong with a Weber gas grill. Starting as lows as $299 and up, a Weber gas grill gives you full control over your flame, giving you excellent results each time. To add flavor or marinate, just add your favorite sauce, put the flame on low and shut the lid for that authentic smokehouse taste. The Weber 3752001 Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill has three main burners, plus a side burner. Its large, 637 foot cast-iron cooking grate allows you to prepare a meal for a large number of people in a short amount of time. With two work areas, six tool holders, a sturdy steel frame, and a generous limited warranty, this grill is an excellent summertime workhorse, retailing at $849 or less. The less expensive Weber 586002 Q 320 Outdoor Gas Grill is portable, weighs under ninety pounds, and comes with features like two stainless steel burners with 462 square inches of cooking space, room for a twenty pound liquid propane tank, electronic ignition, infinite-control burner valves and two folding worktables with tool hooks.

To smoke steaks, burgers, corn on the cob, shish kabobs, or any other kind of food, just lower the flame and shut the lid, trapping in the smoke to impart a wonderful carbon flavor that can’t be beat. Weber gas grills are the smart way to cook. Cleaner and tastier than charcoal and less time-consuming than cooking over an open fire pit, you can keep your guests in food all day with a Weber grill. No matter what your cooking experience level is, Weber grills are designed to be easy to use and to last for years. They require little maintenance, run on clean, cheap liquid propane, and won’t rust. If you’re a novice or even an experienced grill enthusiast and have become frustrated with charcoal that won’t light, won’t stay lit, or gives your food a foul taste, Weber gas grills can be your foray into cooking with the superior fuel that is liquid propane. How do you like your steaks? Well done? Medium-well? Rare? Weber gas grills put you in charge and give you total control over the amount of flame, the heat of your flame, and the large cooking spaces allow for extra room for sides like vegetables, kabobs or beans. Weber makes it easy to protect your investment against the possibility of defects and premature wear and tear with two year to twenty-five year warranties on select parts for repair or replacement. Weber has you covered. It’s hard to make a mistake when you’re grilling with the best. If you’re a fan of pulled pork, you can get that perfect smoky taste you’ve been craving with the large stainless steel lid that traps the flavor inside. No matter what style of food you’re preparing, Weber grills are right on the money when it comes to culinary excellence and good taste. Enjoy cooking outdoors all summer long with a grill that is dependable and user-friendly. Taste-wise, the results you can expect from cooking with one of these grills will blow you away. Have you been wanting restaurant quality food without spending a fortune? Stay at home tonight and cook yourself some of the best steaks that you’ve ever had. With Weber propane gas grills, it’s quite easy.

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