Tips On Maintaining Your BBQ Apron

Tips On Maintaining Your BBQ ApronEvery experienced griller knows just how easy it is to make a mess of your clothes when you are grilling out. Although no one wants to fuss with their clothing while grilling out their favorite foods and spending time with friends and family, there is nothing wrong with protecting your clothes from grease and barbecue sauce stains. The best course of action for anyone who loves to grill is to purchase a trusty apron for when they are grilling out.

There are tons of great aprons out there that are perfect for barbecuing, so take your time to choose one that suits your personality. Whether you prefer an apron in your favorite color or pattern or if you want a funky apron with a funny picture or saying on it, you are sure to find one that will look great on you. However, you might want to steer away from choosing white or other lightly colored aprons for barbecuing; something a bit darker or that features a busy pattern might be able to handle and disguise stains a bit better. You also want to look for an apron that is machine washable for best results; otherwise, you will have a difficult time getting it clean after an intense grilling session.

After you have chosen the perfect apron, it is important for you to take good care of it; otherwise, your apron will soon look dirty, dingy and stained. Although you might be tempted to toss your apron to the side after you have prepared a delicious grilled meal, it is worth it to take a few minutes to take care of your apron so that it will stay in good shape.

First of all, you might want to soak your apron in soapy water prior to washing it, especially if it has a lot of stains, grease or sauce on it. If you toss it into the soapy water before enjoying your meal, a lot of the stains will loosen up before you even make it back inside. This means that the stains will be more likely to come out when you wash it.

If you still notice stains on your apron after a few hours of soaking, grab your favorite stain remover or laundry pre-treatment. Follow the instructions and apply it directly to the stain prior to washing. It is best to add your stain remover before washing your apron the first time; this will up your chances of permanently removing the stain.

When you do finally wash your apron, take a look a t the care instructions on the apron tag. Since all aprons are made differently, it is important for you to follow these directions in order to avoid damage to your apron and so that stains do not have the chance to get set in. In most cases, laundering your apron with your favorite laundry detergent on a gentle setting is sufficient, and you might want to use cold water, although you can check the tag for these instructions.

After washing your apron, check for any stains before tossing it in the dryer. If there are any stains that didn’t come out in the washing process, drying the apron will cause them to set in further. If this is the case, apply your favorite stain remover and try laundering the apron again. It is also important to check the tag on your apron to see if you can dry it in your dryer; in some cases, you may have to hang it up or lay it flat until it is dry.

Once your apron is dry, fold it up neatly and keep it somewhere in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house. Although you might be tempted to leave it outside near your grill, it will be much safer if it is stored in a nice, clean drawer inside your home. Taking these extra steps will help your apron to last you for many years.