Tips For Planning a Summer BBQ Party

Planning a summer BBQ party? Great idea. Particularly if you want it to be memorable and fun. Most important is to know the number of guests. With this number, it’s more difficult to plan the menu. Keep in mind a BBQ party is a good way to make family and friends feel welcome. Menus don’t need to be complex and can be as healthful as needed for special diets.

Setting The Scene For A Summer BBQ Party
A summer BBQ party needs to have just the right staging. This takes a little planning. Give your BBQ party a theme. Go southwestern, Polynesian, Caribbean or a good old New England Seafood BBQ extravaganza. These themes all create just the right aura for enjoying a casual summer BBQ party. Decorate your table and cooking area with lots of colorful reminders of these venues. Keep the color scheme down to two or three for tableware and lighting. The whole enjoyment of a summer BBQ party is eating in style. You can find many of the decorations at any party shop or department store. Check out the childrens toy aisles. You’ll be amazed at the inexpensive decorations you’ll find among the toys. Also, this is a good place to find fun table favors and games for adults and kids. Hawaiian leis, cowboy hats, plastic sea creatures and toy boats all make wonderful decorations.

A Menu That’s Just Right
Most BBQ foods can be prepared with minimal expensive and are quite simple and use fresh ingredients. This may be a good time to seek out those local farm markets for the best corn, squash, tomatoes, onions and peppers for the grill. The fresh flavors will amaze you and your guests as well. For BBQ meats there’s lots of options like Polynesian chicken and shrimp kebobs grilled with pineapple blessed with a lavish rinse of sweet brown sugar. This is also the time to consider lamb or pork for your kebobs. Southwestern pork kebobs are enhanced with companions of slices of fresh green pepper, quartered tomatoes and small chunks of corn on the cobs. Dust this with a southwestern rub of cumin, chili and garlic powder. Substitute anchos or habanero peppers if you want more heat.

There’s nothing more delicious than a Caribbean flank steak barbecued. You can use a sea salt rub of cracked black pepper and a whisper of cinnamon to spruce up the flavor of the beef. Or give it a pretty gloss of lime juice and sour orange with a dot of cocoa and chili powder for extra pizzaz.

Go New England style for your summer BBQ party with a complete seafood menu. Drop large sea scallops into lemon juice and then wrap each one in bacon. Add several to a skewer and brush with your favorite BBQ sauce before grilling. Clams can also be part of the BBQ menu too. Use fresh little neck clams in their shells. Add to the BBQ fire and they’ll be done in less than 5 minutes. Be careful of overcooking shrimp. To keep shrimp juicier, give them an hour in a good marinade before you put them on the barbecue.

Dessert On A BBQ Menu
Dessert can be the crowning glory of the summer BBQ party menu. Whether you choose a straight barbecued fruit platter or you want a barbecued pizza as the base for dessert, no summer BBQ party would be complete without dessert. Use pre-made pizza dough rolled onto a pizza stone. Slather with fruit preserves before adding bananas, nuts and marshmallows. Drizzle chocolate syrup on it before serving and add a dollop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Try using pre-made biscuit dough this dessert: Roll dough about 9″ in diameter, sprinkle with sugared cinnamon, fill with sliced apples. Pull up dough ends to seal. Place on a baking sheet on the barbecue. Fast, easy and delicious.

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