Stay Safe Around Your Gas Grill This Summer

The summer season brings about many carefree and relaxing events. One of the more relaxing activities that go hand in hand with summer is the outdoor grilling opportunities. Grilled hamburgers, grilled hotdogs, grilled steaks, and barbequed ribs add to a wonderful backyard gathering. There are some precautions to be heeded when cooking on a grill however. If you are going to be cooking with a gas grill, safety is of the highest importance. Here are some tips to stay safe around your gas grill this summer.

Read The Manual

The safest thing you can do is read the manual. The manual will tell you exactly how to operate the grill, and will often tell you what to do in case something goes wrong. It’s always better to be prepared than to have an event end in disaster. It is hazardous to assume all grills work the same way. If you lost your manual or for some reason one didn’t come with the grill, you can find one and print it out at the manufacturer’s website.

Location Of The Grill

Location matters when it comes to cooking on a gas grill. Check with the manual that came with the grill to get the proper amount of space that needs to left between the grill and other objects. If the grill is too close to the house, a spark could ignite, and that spells trouble. Place the grill in an open space without many trees or shrubs. Let your family or guests know that you are cooking and have them avoid getting too close, unless you need assistance. The more people that hover around a grill makes it easier for something to go wrong.

Use The Proper Grilling Equipment

Use utensils specifically made for grills. Avoid using regular dinner forks to turn over meat. These smaller utensils could slip out of your hands and fall into the grates of the grill. Use tongs or metal spatulas for flipping. Wear grilling mitts to protect your hands from possible flare ups. Consider wearing a mask to avoid breathing in too much smoke.

Maintain Your Grill After Usage

Clean your grill after every use. Scrape off burnt food from the grill racks, and wipe everything down. One of the key things to make sure to keep clean is the area where grease collects. After only a few uses, the grill can accumulate several pounds of grease. When you keep the grease to a minimum, you will avoid flare ups during cooking. Flare ups on a grill can be potentially deadly events, not just annoying.

Other Important Safety Tips For A Gas Grill

*Always make sure the burner controls are all the way off. Everything should be completely off before putting the cover on.

*When the grill is not being used, keep the cylinder valve closed.

*Store the propane tank outside, away from heat sources, and in an upright position.

*Cover any disconnected hoses and burner air intakes with plastic bags. This will keep out moisture, dirt, and insects.

*Check your grill thoroughly before using it. Check and re-check that all of the connections are tight and have to leaks. If you have any doubts, don’t light it up.

*Do not attempt to repair your grill yourself. Take your grill to a professional to have it done right.

*Never smoke around your grill. A lot could go wrong if cigarette ash falls into the grill.

These safety tips should be followed every time you grill. Even if the grill is going to be on for a short time. It is easy to get distracted during an outdoor get together. Spend time with your guests and have fun. When it’s time to grill, be vigilant and as safe as you can be. Summer is a time for fun and play. Outdoor grilling on a gas grill is a perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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