Indirect Grilling Set-up

Almost everyone loves barbecue. It’s no surprise that people are trying different ways to grill food in a healthier way. Indirect grilling is an approach often used by health conscious people who like to barbecue. It is now becoming very popular among barbecue enthusiasts. Indirect grilling makes the barbecued food less charred. That makes it more appealing to people who are conscious about their health and aware of carcinogens present in charred food. Food barbecued through indirect grilling looks more appetizing than direct grilled food.

There is more than one way to set-up indirect grilling. Indirect grilling involves placing the food close to the heat source. This can be accomplished by burning coal on one side of the grilling pit only. A tray is placed below the food to prevent fat from dripping on the barbecue and igniting a direct flame. The food is not directly placed above the burning coals as this will cause the food to char.

To set-up an indirect grill using a barbecue pit, place a tray filled with water on one side of the grill and the coals on the other. The pan filled with water will absorb and radiate heat evenly. This is known as a two zone grill setup. Ignite the coal with lighter fluid. The coals will turn white when they are ready. Once the coals are ready, put the grill in place. Wait for the grill to heat up and place the food above the water filled pan. It is essential that the grill is heated up so that the food won’t stick. Food that gets stuck on the grill is hard to get off. It will also cause the grill to rust.

The other way of setting up an indirect grill is almost the same as the two zone grill, but a foil pan should be placed between the mound of coal and the food. The pan will protect the food from the direct heat, and it will catch the drippings. Place the food in the center of the pan. Use the grill’s lid to even out the flow of air. This will help the food cook more evenly. You may also place another water filled tray directly on top of the burning coals to balance the heat. Using the lid will also maintain the humidity in the grill.

Another technique used for indirect grilling is plank cooking. It has been famous in the Pacific Northwest for decades. Setting up a plank grill is just like setting up any other grill. Burn mounds of coal and put a plank on top of the pit instead of a foil pan. This process involves slow grilling the food on top of a plank above fire pits or an oven. These methods are still prevalent in some restaurants as plank cooking adds a twist to the food’s flavor. Many people who use this method of grilling only want their food to be prepared this way.

Indirect grilling is intended to cook tougher and larger meats that will burn if grilled directly. It is also used for cooking food that requires low heat. It allows for cooking meat that requires slow grilling. Indirect grilling also introduces a wood smoke flavor. It is what grillers and restaurants use to cook whole chickens, turkeys, ribs, briskets, pork shoulders and other large foods. It is not the regular way of cooking, but it is definitely a healthy method of grilling. The next time there’s a barbecue in the neighborhood, show off your grilling skills using the indirect method. All your food will be enticing, appetizing and much healthier.