Ideas for a Patio Gas Grill

Looking for a new grill for your patio? There are many options out there and of course, everyone has an idea about what is best. However, if you are new to grilling and barbecuing, you probably want to buy a gas grill. Gas grills are easy to use, maintain, and clean up after use. So now that you have bought your patio gas grill; what are you going to do with it? There are many ideas of things to do with your grill. From the more traditional cooking options to the more obscure, you can do enough things with your grill to please the whole family, or possibly the whole neighborhood.

First of all, you need to know the difference between grilling and barbecuing. When someone refers to barbecuing, they are typically talking about cooking something over a flame, so technically anything cooked on your new gas grill is grilled, not barbecued. However, in a looser sense, barbecuing refers to the cooking of meat, and grilling can refer to meat, but can also refer to the cooking of anything else done on a grill.

Now that you have that clear, what are you going to cook? One very popular thing to cook on the grill is shish-kabobs. These consist of any items of your choosing put on a skewer and grilled to perfection. Shish-kabobs are often made with meat and vegetables. The shish-kabobs can be eaten as is, or after grilling they can be added to pasta, potatoes, or simply served by themselves.

A more unusual item to make on the grill is a meatloaf. This is similar to cooking a hamburger patty, but on a much larger scale. Mix and prepare your meatloaf as you would if you were cooking it in the oven. Form it into a loaf no more than two inches thick and put it in the fridge to chill and become firm. When the loaf is chilled enough so it is unlikely to fall apart, pull it out of the fridge and pop it on the grill. Be sure to cook thoroughly. Some grilled potatoes cooked in tinfoil would go nicely with this meatloaf.

Some people like the taste of grilled mango. Grilled mango can be used to makes salsas, salads, and sauces for meat. These of course can be made with uncooked mango, but the grilling gives the whole item more of a smoky taste.

Experiment and have fun with your new grill. As long as something is not full of liquid or full of little pieces that can falls through the grill slats, you may very well be able to cook it on the grill. You may not want to try cooking oatmeal on the grill, but some oatmeal pancakes might be the perfect way to christen your new grill.

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