Grilling Tips for the Perfect Backyard Barbecue

Grilling Tips for the Perfect Backyard BarbecueWhether you are new to using a grill or have been grilling for years, you never want to have a bad barbecue at your home. When people leave a barbecue they will generally either not think about the grilling or think about how great it was. In cases where the grilling is really terrible, people will remember it and may not be able to attend the next barbecue you have in your backyard. Below are some grilling tips to help ensure that you have a perfect backyard barbecue.

Let’s start with safety to make sure you avoid any potential disasters. Cook at least ten feet away from your house if its possible to do. If you have to cook closer to your house in a place like on your deck or patio, just be extra careful. More grill fires start on decks and porches than anywhere else and for obvious reasons. Fire is hot and wood is easily flammable. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher at a convenient location just in case of emergency.

When you are getting ready to start cooking, preheat your grill. It is not worth it to start cooking any food before the grill has reached the temperature you set it at. Food that is placed on a grill before it is heated up will stick. This can ruin the shape of the food and force you to squeeze the juices out of it to get it off. It will also leave your grill needing a cleaning. This may not be a problem once your barbecue ends, but if the first pieces of meat you cook leave a mess on your grill, it is going to be a pain to clean it off before you can cook more food. You don’t want to keep hungry guests waiting.

If there is nowhere on your grill to place your utensils, then set up a small table for you to keep your grilling tools on. You never want to have to run inside to grab a spatula or a pair of tongs when your food is cooking. That can result in the burning of your food. Having everything close by will make your life easier and help you avoid overcooking your food.

Leave some open, unheated space on your grill if possible. Some grills don’t allow for this, but many grills can do this easily. If a flame gets too hot or something is cooking to fast, you can move it over to this spot. It can also be used to keep foods warm while they are waiting to be eaten.

Apply sauce before and after you grill your food, not while the food is still cooking. When having a backyard barbecue, the best method for adding sauce is to marinate your meats in your sauce of choice for a few days before cooking. This will produce the best results in terms of flavor. You can also have success adding sauce to meat after you cook it. The problem with putting sauce on while you cook your meat that it will leave a charred mess both on your meat and on your grill.

Lastly, use a timer and a thermometer when cooking. You never want to under or over cook any food. A timer can help remind you when to flip burgers and take food off. The thermometer will also help you know when food is ready to be eaten.

Using these tips will help ensure that when you have a backyard barbecue, the results are perfect.