Grilling Secrets for the Top Five BBQ Meats

What better way to spend a warm, sunny afternoon than out by the grill, cooking up some of your family’s favorite meats for an all out smorgasbord of delicious rations for the whole crew. The first key component of making the most out of your individual grilling festivity is to determine whether you are going to use charcoal for your cooking, or gas powered cooking.

Gas grills are extremely popular because of their ease of use and how quickly the environment for your grilling can be set up. With the touch of a push button and the quick manipulation of temperature dials, you can be up, running and ready to grill in a matter of seconds. On the other side of the debate is the charcoal grill, which takes a little longer to set-up, but arguably adds more flavors and offers more options with the use of different wood chips and charcoals. The final decision is up to you; either way, if the meat selection is up to par and the flavors and recipes are first-class, you will be able to pull off a fun, lip-smacking afternoon for family and friends.

The second step in gearing up for a great barbeque is your meat selection. The 5 most popular meats include: steak, chicken, hamburger, pork and brisket. The recipe selection is up to you based on your distinct preferences, but there are aspects of preparing your meat than can improve the way it cooks and develop the end result, enhancing your barbeque.

• Steaks and brisket are one of the most popular meats when dealing with barbeque. Getting a good cut of meat is the first step in creating a mouth-watering barbeque to remember. Thickness is vital. The cut of your steak should be between 1 and 1 ½ inches thick. Adding a marinade to your meat can enhance the flavor. This can be done by adding your marinade to the meat the night before and allowing it to cure and absorb the flavor. This will also tenderize the meat. If you prefer to use a rub, you can combine an assortment of spices and herbs and apply them to your steak. You should only turn your steaks once to prevent them from drying out. The amount of time you grill the steak will depend on how well you want it cooked. When you are finished cooking your meat, allow it to sit for five minutes to allow the juices to settle. Brisket can be smoked and barbequed. Because of the already developed flavor and fat content of the brisket, there a moist, flavor packed punch in every bit. Adding sauce or marinades will only enhance the flavor!

• Chicken: Raw chicken can ruin a barbeque quicker than an impromptu thunderstorm. With chicken, it is best to cook on a lower heat until the meat is cooked through. Cooking your chicken before adding sauces and marinades can prevent fire flare-ups which can burn the outside chicken skin, causing the exterior to cook faster than the interior. Because the sugar in a glaze can cause the outside burning, rubs are a great alternative when cooking with chicken. Also, there is always the overnight marinade. This will work to keep chicken moist and delicious throughout the cooking process.

• Hamburgers: The all-American barbecue food! Start with fresh chuck because it is the most flavorful cut of beef. While many of us are watching our fat intake, the perfect burger requires at least 15 to 20 percent fat to ensure juiciness. Finally, chilling your burger patties before cooking them. Make patties about ½ inch thick and a ½ larger than the diameter of your hamburger bun to allow for shrinkage.

• Pork: The other white meat; pork has a thicker skin than most other meats, therefore, you may opt to brine pork the night before cooking, however, marinades will work if you do not want to spend the time brining the pork. Add any sauces should be kept until the end of cooking. Additionally, letting the pork rest before eating is vital in allowing the juices to move throughout the meat to add ultimate flavor.

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