Choosing the Best BBQ

Trying to figure out which BBQ setup works best for a person depends on how they want to live and cook. Clearly an oversize, gas-line fed BBQ is not going to work for someone who wants to be on the road a lot and go camping. On the other hand, the backyard BBQ connoisseur isn’t going to be very interested in taking an hour every time to get the charcoal bricks hot enough to cook. So most of the “best” BBQ qualification depends on how a person wants to use the cooker to make dinner.

Mobility Matters

For the road warriors who want to travel light and probably hike quite a bit, weight is a big issue. While one could easily cook over a campfire, there’s still something nice about eating food cooked well on a BBQ. In these instances a small, lightweight unit works very well. The heating source can either be charcoal or wood, but the unit is compact enough to both be carried and easily setup wherever the user desires.

Compact Package

One of the nice things about the basic round-bubble BBQ everybody remembers as a kid is that it is so easy to use and pack when camping. With a bag of charcoal, some lighting material, and some food, dinner can be cooked up and ready in about an hour or two. The bubble unit is easy to use and cleans up quickly. It is also very lightweight and easy to pack for a family camping trip. While you can’t feed ten people with it, the bubble unit works very well for a basic family of four to five people. Additionally, a unit can be purchased for relatively cheap at most retail stores.

Backyard Enhancement

When it’s time to settle down with a more permanent appliance, the backyard propane-fuel BBQ can be considered. This larger-sized unit has enough space to cook the same amount of food as a small kitchen range, and usually comes equipped with a smaller upper-deck grille as well. The nice features of a gas-fueled BBQ include temperature control and measurement, even heating, much higher heat tolerances, and a flat grill cooking surface. These units are practically a standard feature in home backyards across the U.S., and they hold up well to the elements when left outside. However, they do need to be maintained and cleaned on regular basis to function correctly and consistently.

The Permanent BBQ Fixture

For those who are pretty sure they aren’t going to be moving anytime soon, the fixed BBQ grill island island in the backyard patio is the way to go. Designed to be durable as well as provide both a cooking area and a sitting or serving platform, the BBQ island provides a great center piece for backyard parties. The design of such an appliance is usually large enough to function similar to a kitchen island inside a house, and they frequently come with amenities built around a BBQ grill fueled by a dedicated gas line. These options can include a prep area, an outdoor refrigerator, a sink, and even a bar and drink serving component.


Again, the best BBQ for a person depends on the person’s specific needs and how he may want to use the BBQ. The cooking environment as well as the amount of cooking can frequently dictate the unit that works best for the situation. Fortunately, a person doesn’t need to only work with one type of unit for all occasions. It’s quite possible to keep smaller units stored in the garage for mobile trips and enjoy a larger size unit for home cooking. Versatility allows a cook to have a BBQ solution for all occasions.

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