BBQ Tips – How the Experts Cook Juicy Barbeque

Cooking juicy Barbeque can be possible no matter the cut of meat. The tougher cuts of meat can very juicy and tender when the preparation is done right before barbequing. Marinating the meat will be the best way to achieve the best texture and have a very juicy cut of meat. Marinades are not just for flavor they can also act as a meat tenderizer. Using liquids that are acidic will help the marinade penetrate the meat and hold a lot more of the meats natural juices along with more of the marinade. Such liquids to base your marinade on will be lemon juices or soy and or Worcestershire sauce. The liquids can be flavored with almost any spice or flavor you want. Adding chopped onion, garlic and celery to your marinade with other spices will allow these flavors to penetrate deep into the meat while the acids in the liquid does its job. Marinating time varies depending on the thickness of the cut. A one inch thick top sirloin may need four to six hours of marinating in the fridge before it hits the grill. After marinating make sure to put the meat on the hottest grill temperature that your grill can achieve searing both sides of the steak before lowering the temperature and cooking the steak to your liking. Searing the steak on both sides will lock in the juices by closing the surface of the meat and allowing less of the juices to escape. Let the steak rest before cutting and serving it. Letting it rest will allow the juices to evenly distribute throughout the steak.

The best cuts of meat for being juicy are steaks that have a lot of marbling. These cuts are higher in fat contents and will keep a lot more of their natural juices. Rib eyes and T-bones are good examples of these cuts. The trick to keeping these cuts juicy is simply not to overcook them or cook them on lower temperatures. Cook them fast searing the juices in and you will have a great tender juicy steak.
Baby back ribs are hard to barbeque and keep juicy. Slow cooking the ribs in the oven with a good stock or broth mixed with your choice of flavor full veggies for several hours before grilling the will make these ribs fall of the bone and be very juicy. Put the ribs and other ingredients you have chosen in a roaster and tightly cover it. After baking, the ribs will be cooked through and can be placed on a very hot grill allowing them to brown nicely. After the ribs have browned you can cover them in your favorite barbeque sauce before serving them or serve them and let everybody choose if they want the barbeque sauce. This way of juicing up your ribs can also be done in a crock pot, but the amount of ribs that will fit in the crock pot may not be enough.

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