BBQ Grills on a Trailer – Outdoor BBQ Anytime, Anywhere

Just because you are hitting the road doesn’t mean you have to leave the BBQ behind. There are a number of barbecues that are made specifically to be mobile – in fact BBQ grills on a trailer are increasingly popular and easy to find.

If you haven’t thought about getting your own trailer mounted barbecue, but love the flavors of slow cooked meat, it might just be time to reconsider your options. No aluminum hibachi is going to give you the flavors you crave. With a real smoker/grill you will have the best BBQ around anytime, and you can take it with you, anywhere.

Wood vs. Charcoal vs. Gas
For the true BBQ aficionado, there is nothing like wood. In fact, most competitive grillers will tell you that the best way to get tender, succulent meat is to smoke it, rather than grill it. For that, wood is your best option.

If you want to grill something quickly, charcoal or gas is you best choice. Charcoal is ready in a few minutes, and the process can be speeded up through the use of a chimney starter. Gas is as simple as turning a knob and lighting the flames. Of course, you lose something of the traditional flavors when you use either charcoal or gas, but for some the trade off is worth while when speed is essential.

You can improve the flavor of meats grilled on charcoal or gas if you add wood chips to the grill and drop the heat. Wood chips are available from a variety of sources. You can either drop them directly on charcoal or use a box for the gas grill. After all, the wood is what flavors those wonderful slow smoked meats; convenience shouldn’t eliminate everything you enjoy about grilling.

Does Size Matter?
Trailer mounted BBQs come in a variety of sizes. How large a unit you want, and how many extra features and accessories it contains will depend upon your goals. For example, if you simply want a unit you can take to your family camping reunions, a smaller unit that is only 4 feet long may be just what you want.

This size is also perfect for the tailgate party you have been planning before the big game. Arrive in the morning, set up your grill/smoker and get things going. By the time the crowds arrive your ribs are ready and your guests couldn’t be happier.

On the other hand, if you are heading out on the BBQ competition circuit, you will probably need a bigger unit. You can get standard models at 6, 8 or even 10 feet and more, with or without warming box and with a built in concession stand. If none of the units you see suit your needs – have one custom made.

Larger models offer you greater capacity. Being able to cook a whole hog may be your dream, and having a smoker large enough to handle the job, mounted on a trailer, means you can set up shop anywhere.

Take it Along
Barbecuing is one of the great pleasures of the outdoors. With your own trailer mounted BBQ grill you can set up camp for a few days, grill to your hearts content. For many who have taking their lives on the road, the social aspect is one of the highlights, and believe me, that grill will make meeting new folks easy as pie. It won’t be long before you wonder why it took you so long to invest in one. Enjoy and happy grilling.

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