Backyard Barbecues – Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

Everyone Loves A Backyard Barbecue
Winter winds blow and snow falls and the only thing some lovers of the outdoors wish for is the scent of grilled foods on their backyard barbecue. When it comes to simplicity, there isn’t a simpler way to entertain guests in your own backyard than with a wonderful barbecue.

A Backyard Barbecue And Thou
Planning a barbecue can be fun. If this is a first attempt, choose a simple menu before advancing to the heights and depths of barbecue cuisine. For example, for the entry level barbecue chef, invite guests to be entertained at a backyard barbecue with burger smorgasbord. Provide them with a menu that lists several different selections of hamburgers with a variety of toppings they can add to their burgers. For example, burgers with grilled bacon, topped with crumbled bits of blue cheese and a dash of ranch dressing. A piquant avocado and mango salsa is another great addition to burgers. The same type of menu can be applied to grilled frankfurters. Instead of the usual hot dog buns, try a variety of wraps that can be grilled quickly for a totally different flavor. Instead of chili, try adding refried beans, grated cheddar cheese and taco sauce for a southwestern flair.

Backyard Barbecues For the Chef Par Excellence
Barbecue experts tire of serving the usual menus of grilled ribs, chops, steaks and chicken. Barbecue menus don’t have to mean strictly meat and poultry. Why not entertain your guests with a seafood barbecue? Use banana leaves to grill fish like halibut, snapper, salmon and trout. This will seal the flavor in and keep fish intact while grilling. Grill pineapple with sole, turbot and other fish with white flesh. For salmon, tuna or shark steaks grill mango as a delicious side for this type of fish.

Create Your Own Clam Bake Barbecue
Shell fish, like crab, lobster, shrimp, langostinos and crawfish are wonderful barbecued. Don’t just wrap your shrimp in bacon. Give it fresh appeal. Embed each shrimp in crab stuffing before wrapping it in bacon before grilling. No clam bake barbecue is ever complete without grilled lobster, corn in their husks and grilled potatoes. This is an easy menu. So make it a bit more interesting.

Create your own very special blend of drawn butter for dipping. The ingredients are simple: melted butter, a scant dash of Parmesan cheese, freshly ground black pepper, Cajun spices and a splash of a fine white wine. Garnish the drawn butter with fresh chopped chives. Keep in mind that most seafood doesn’t require a high grilling temperature because it grills quickly. If you have a smoker, try smoking your fish and shellfish. Save your used teabags. Use them in your smoker to emit a wonderful smoky flavor.

Vegetarians Love Backyard Barbecues
Just because you choose to eat healthy meals, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a backyard barbecue. In fact, a barbecue is the best place to show off your creative culinary skills vegetarian-style. The trick with barbecuing, grilling or smoking vegetables is to be aware of the quicker cooking time of the thin-skinned vegetables like tomatoes, certain types of squash and thinly sliced eggplant. Vegetables don’t require as high a fire as meats and poultry. Entertain your friends with an old-fashioned Italian backyard barbecue.

Vegetables can be marinated before grilling or smoking. Use a lemon-wine marinade infused with garlic and freshly chopped oregano or basil. Add an equal part of olive oil. For a more fiery flavor, add hot pepperoncini to taste and marinate for up to an hour before grilling. Make your vegetarian grill appealing and flavorful by using vegetables like fire-roasted slices of eggplant, zucchini and corn. Scoop out the seeds in whole tomatoes and fill the empty hull with pre-cooked lentils, lightly grilled mushrooms and a dash of romano or asiago cheese. Sprinkle with aged vinegar and olive oil before barbecuing or smoking.

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