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    kukuriga replied to the thread How many burners to light?.
    This is quite strange because on my grill I can separately light 2 burners and I do not need to light all the burners in this way. I think you should read the instructions, there should be written all details. Just a month ago, we were cooking...
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    tiewunon replied to the thread Howdy!.
    Used to have a pellet grill but my sister in - law decided she needed it more than I did. So she took it with her after a visit. She and her husband are getting a lot of use out of it. At first I was sorry to see it go, but it is at a great home...
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    Susy212 replied to the thread Howdy!.
    Hi, tiewunon I'm cooking on this Traeger (you can read more if you like). It's a wood-pellet grill. But I'd like to try a classic charcoal grill
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    tiewunon replied to the thread Howdy!.
    Welcome aboard Susan. What’s your grill and source of fuel favorites?
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    Susy212 posted the thread Howdy! in Introduce Yourself.
    Hello everyone, My name is Susan, and I LOVE to cook when it comes to BBQ, I am the first person at the party who's eager to do it, haha hope to find a creative and responsive community here :) cheers
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    saba58329 reacted to your post in the thread Grilled Grilled French Toast with Strawberries and Rosemary with Like.
    Here is a great recipe that I found online that would be really good for brunch or possibly even for a dessert to finish out a meal on the grill. INGREDIENTS Vegetable oil, for brushing the grill 1 quart strawberries, quartered 2 tablespoons...
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    saba58329 reacted to Aj3's post in the thread Unknown Grill with Like.
    Do anyone know what type of grill this is? Will I be able to find grates for it? What type of grates do I need?
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    I just recently bought a pitboss premium combination grill and I am wondering if anyone knows of a suitable conversion kit from propane to NG. I understand that pitboss does not make one and every place I have asked says they can only recommend...
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    Hello fellow grillin peeps! What do traditionalists think about infrared? I am looking at the Char-Broil Infrared 2 burner for my patio. I am worried I will miss the flames. Any opinion greatly appreciated!
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    The WiFi ones never worked for me and I’ve been through a ton of the RF ones. The last one I bought I really like, it’s made well, accommodates 4 probes and comes with a case and probe racks to store. The biggest problem I’ve had are broken...
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    Anyone here own the 26” TEC Infrared and use the smoker rack? I was super excited to give it a try because of the simple setup and cleaning, but am experiencing super hot temps with the dial cranked all the way to the lowest setting. It’s hitting...
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    I remember when I found out about this news six months ago I was very surprised... I tasted the steaks of this Pitmaster and honestly, I wasn't particularly impressed. The meat was delicious but not as good as everyone says.
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    I decided to do these over the weekend. If you have never tried this please give it a go
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    I like to make my own burgers, and the point is the marinade that I put inside the meat with an injector. Then of course grill it, and boom you have the best burger ever.
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    I can’t seem to unscrew the brass nut at the end of the regulator. Attached an image I found online that appears to be the correct set up. Thanks
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