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    This is what Broil King want to sell me. I"m sure I could use the hose off my old propane BBQ. They won't sell me just the orifice due to safety reasons. If only I knew the orifice size to buy. Or If I could take the ones out of my old...
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    I'm looking for a reasonably priced combination gas (propane) grill and griddle but have been struggling to find a good option. Ideally, it would be a free standing grill vs. a tabletop option or two separate options. I have seen many great...
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    JM, Weber E-310 is a great choice and you seem to be getting a good deal. Regarding grates - it depends. The stainless steel would last longer. The porcelain coated grates from Weber are decent. The Weber Spirit II E-310 is one of the best...
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    I have never used this site, so I'm not sure how they are. But they sell this which is under the Signet & sovereign parts list. The description says it can be used for both. Not sure if this helps you out or not...
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    Hi can I convert a Broil King 320 signet from natural gas to propane? How can it be done if possible? thanks.
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    OldDude replied to the thread Help with hook-up please.
    weeks later and a couple forums and still no luck... makes ya wonder if these things are meant to only connect to cans
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    Greetings and salutations. I have seen his shows before, always liked them. Don't think I ever bought that book but had Barbecue Bible from him. How did you like it?
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    jason replied to the thread Just a man and a grill.
    Greetings and salutations. How is it going?
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    I have never used a smoke tube for pellets, so I cannot answer how well they work. That being said, I have known people who used tin foil with wood chips. They fold the chips in the middle and then poke holes in the foil. They just toss the...
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    I just upgraded to a Weber gas grill from a Char Broil and love how sturdy it and how easy the stainless grates are to clean. That Char Broil cooked well but it had this big trough below the grates and it would warp so easily. One thing I liked...
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    Max23B0 replied to the thread Im from texas.
    Hello and welcome to the community!
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    I have a Weber Genesis with cast iron grates. My wife, concerned about the risk of stray metal bristles getting into our food, bought me the Grill Rescue stem cleaning brush. Now I don't mind the brush (the reviews actually seem to be strong)...
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    tiewunon replied to the thread Just a man and a grill.
    Welcome. What kind of smoker are you using. Myself I have a Goodone Marshall along with a couple of Kamado’s hanging around for smoking. Did a Boston Butt and some beans yesterday. After many years I am turning out brisket that I am happy with...
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    Name is Chris and I have been grilling for close to 25 years. Still learning techniques and always wanting recipes. Just got a smoker 4 months ago and am loving my it. My specialty is brisket and fish. I am looking for tips and tricks when...
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    I have a couple of ceramics hanging around I use for smoking. For grilling I have 2 gassers and grilling and occasional smoking a weber kettle and a PK grill. No hickory in my backyard have a couple of oaks along with apple, peach and plum...