Zucchini pizza


My kids love zucchini pizza! It is the only way I can get them to eat grilled zucchini. I cut the zucchini in slices (round) and then they load them up with cheese and fresh tomatoes. We then toss them on the grill and let them cook.

Anyone else do this? It really is a great way to get your kids to eat grilled vegs.


Pretty cool! Some sliced eggplant with that would be heavenly. Eggplant and squash would make it almost like a ratatouille.

What sort of cheese do you use?


I like the idea of eggplant and zucchini. Do you use foil on the grill or just put the zucchini right on the grate? I would think you could use any cheese. I love the idea of the fresh tomato too.


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I've also been interested in trying eggplant with zucchini pizza. It adds a nice flavour, enjoyable for the most. But unfortunately one of my household members is allergic to this vegetable, so I can't do it everytime as an appetizer.
This looks so yummy. My grandson who is 7 loves zuchinni,, and to make it into a pizza is a great idea. I will definitly be doing this soon for a lunch. And to do it over the coals on a grill.. that is just such a great idea,, the lovely smokey taste. As an appitizer while the meat cooks is a great thought. I will be doing it in my toaster oven for now,, but it will definitly be in my grilling future.


A friend of mine uses zucchini in place of apples in a mock apple pie. It really does taste like apple pie by the time she is done adding in lemon juice, sugar, butter, and spices. Not exactly healthy, but an amusing way to sneak this vegetable into someone's diet.

I've also heard of shredded zucchini being used in chocolate cakes, it blends right in and melts into the cake batter. At home here we make a lot of zucchini bread when they are in season.

There are also spiral slicers you can buy which will turn a zucchini into a bowl of "pasta" that you can steam and serve with pasta sauce. Great for low carb eaters.