What is Best Set-up for Wok Cooking?



Hi, newbie here with a question for you.

I stir-fry a lot using my wok. If you aren't familiar with wok cooking the main objective is to get a flame as hot as possible on the wok so that the protein is seared and cooked within a few minutes. I have been using my stove but feel that I can get a hotter flame, and better taste, if I use my outdoor grill, so I have converted it for my wok.

I have a Weber gas grill w/ charcoal option. I have taken bricks and arranged them in a square above the gas outlet, and with an open space in the middle, like a chimney starter. My wok can sit perfectly on top.

This is where the difference lies: I do not want smoke- I want a flame. So my question is what fuel should I use that creates the best flame with no/little smoke? I am also not crazy about using charcoal unless it is the 'no smoke' kind, which I think is probably difficult to get in the U.S.

Thanks for reading.


I do love wok cooking, but let me tell you that bbq is far more healthy. :)