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Discussion in 'General Cooking' started by Pocs, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Pocs

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    Around my home where to store tomatoes is always the big debate.

    Having many years experience in the culinary world it depended on how how quickly they were used and prep involved. Diced or sliced always were stored in the refrigerator. Whole tomatoes were always kept in a cool area outside the refrigerator. Cold and moisture cause tomatoes to turn bad quicker, so it was always outside for me.

    My mother who thinks the refrigerator is this magic box that saves everything from that evil demon the "Spoiler", which is why she also stores her unopened condiments in the fridge ( her reasoning," it last longer if you keep it chilly than it would on a shelf", yeah I know.), can not be convinced that they will last longer outside the unit.

    Your thoughts please!
  2. TopChef

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    I've always heard that storing whole tomatoes in the fridge will negatively affect taste and texture. I recently read a tip that I've found useful. If I slice only a few slices off a tomato, I wrap the rest of the tomato in plastic wrap and place it face down. It will last for a day or so.
  3. Jessi

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    If they are whole, I leave them outside the fridge as well and anything that has been cut goes in the fridge. If I have more than just a couple, I usually try to immediately turn them into a pasta sauce or something, and then store that instead.
  4. dashboardc33

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    Hehe! That is funny that she stores unopened condiments in the fridge! I store my tomatoes on the kitchen counter. They don't last long in our house though, so they don't go back too quickly. However, if it were a really hot day.. like 90+ degrees and the weather stayed like that I would probably put them in the refrigerator to stay more fresh.

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