Save drippings for a glaze...?

Discussion in 'BBQ Discussion' started by bbq_scott, Jul 20, 2017.

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    So I've been cooking ribs two ways: braising them in the oven (with wine, vinegar and spices) and reducing the braising liquid for a glaze which I then brush on and broil for 5 mins, and BBQ low and slow on my Weber kettle grill, using just a dry rub and a pan of water to keep the temps regulated and to add moisture.

    My question is this, on the Weber, could I possibly put the pan under the slab(s) of ribs, fill it with the braising liquid (and yes, have to refill it due to evaporation), catch the drippings and make a glaze that way? Kind of the best of both worlds? My only concern I guess would be particulates from the charcoal getting into the braising liquid...not good eats.

    Your thoughts??
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    This is belated, but I was wondering what you decided about using the braising liquid from the Weber.
    I'd also like to have your recipe for oven braising the ribs! Sounds good!

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