Roasted garlic spread


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I revived this old recipe when I had friends over recently. When Hubby and I got married, we used to roast a couple of heads of garlic all the time. You add some olive oil and sea salt, mix it together, and spread it on crusty French bread. It brought back a lot of memories!


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I adore roasted garlic. We usually add it to butter but next time I'm going to try your spread with olive oil; that sounds amazing.


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Anytime we can get garlic on bread we are happy campers. The kids love 3 blend cheese on top too and it works with so many dishes how can you really go wrong with it?


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We roast a lot of garlic around here and use it in a variety of different dishes. I am going to try mixing it with olive oil and putting it on bread though because that sounds great. I love the way that roasted garlic smells when it is cooking.


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I like the idea of roasted garlic. I have never tried this before, but I sure will give it a try. Also, I love garlic and I love everything that has olive oil in it. So I'm sure I will like it.