Repurposing old propane tanks for a smoker?

Bill Michaels

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I haven't been able to find a smoker I like up here in Atlantic Canada - it's just not a thing in these parts (yet). I was talking to a guy yesterday about how I'll probably just wind up making one and he told me how people here were making them out of old propane tanks of various sizes.
Is anybody familiar with this? Any personal experience? Sounds like it might be a fun project (if the tanks are properly evacuated, of course).


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That's an interesting project. We need a smoker and my husband loves working with his hands, so I'll have to let him know about this and maybe he'll want to Google some plans.


Nec timeo, nec sperno
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I have heard of it being done. However I yet to do it. If I could get one big enough and cheap enough I would give it a shot.


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The ones in our area are pretty large so we would need to find a small one. I would love to do something like this but it seems like it might be more work than we are willing or able to put into it right now. About how long do you smoke something for?

Bill Michaels

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It depends. I've done ribs for five hours, shoulder for 12 and one brisket took me 19 hours all together. I actually finished reading War and Peace while I was waiting on that bad boy. Smoking is a great way to spend the day sittin' and drinkin' while still having the excuse of doing something useful. :D