Redneck Grill

Discussion in 'BBQ and Grill Photos' started by rayne, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. rayne

    rayne Member

    People never cease to amaze me. I thought I had seen most everything till I came across this. Somehow, I don't think I could get past the thought of eating something off this grill. How about you?

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  2. Burnt

    Burnt Member

    The only way that would be possible is if I was with the owner when the item was purchased and still sealed in the box. Otherwise that is just not going to happen. Pigs have a better chance of flying.
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  3. L_B

    L_B Active Member

    Seaweed..takes all kinds of people to come up with ideas like this. lol I guess you could consider that pretty red neck. lol I can't see too many people wanting to come over to their place for a bbq though. Hmmmmm may that was the plan.
  4. omarrahman78

    omarrahman78 New Member

    That's the shit right there let me know how it tasted lmao

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